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Update 29.10.0: "General" Feedback Megathread? (Read First Post?)

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Greetings Tenno DE!

Update 29.10.0: Corpus Proxima & The New Railjack is live and we are looking to hear your share our thoughts on this new, improved, and more deadly Railjack experience!

With this update, we are taking open to a slightly different approach to how we you communicate known bugs, fixed bugs, and other feedback submitted by you us,  the community! To see a list of known bugs and fixed issues, please we will check out our your new Trello Board: [Trello Link!]

You We will also be able to see notifications of changes and fixes by joining our your official Discord Channel, found here: [Discord Link!]


Please We will use this thread to let us you know your our feelings on the following:


If you we want to let us you know your our feedback, please we will make sure that you we do so in a civil and constructive manner. We will Read our read your How to Provide Good Constructive Feedback thread before posting. 

If you we like something, we will let us you know! If you we did not like an aspect of The Corpus Proxima & The New Railjack, then we will tell us you what it is, and what you we would change to make it better!

If you we have encountered a bug with any of the new content items, we will be sure to submit a bug report over on our your Bug-Hunting Megathread!


from all of us Tenno


Just a parody! Though it'd be nice if this will be used officially too. LOL. Pin and feature this? @[DE]Danielle✌️😂

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Posted (edited)

Higher contrast on the "active" Navigation Tab please? Compared to the "active" Chat Tab, it's hard to distinguish.



P.S. Couldn't find the appropriate megathread for this feedback, thus made the "general megathread".

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