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Proposed Minor Improvements For Banshee's Sonar


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Banshee's sonar is already plenty powerful as a damage multiplier -- no complaints there --  but I think a few improvements to make it function more like actual echolocation could make it more useful and fun to use.


To whit: I think that the sonar ability should grant, over the course of its duration, at least the same enemy tracking abilities as the enemy radar and sense enemy mods. That is to say, enemies within range should remain on the player's minimap and their movements should be charted, instead of them showing up as inanimate blips (though perhaps it could function in its current state as a more limited version to the affected allies within power range -- but Banshee herself should get the full blown effects of the enemy sense mod, or a range buff to that mod if it happens to be equipped).


In further keeping with the echolocation theme, I think that enemies should light up conspicuously with the same graphical effect of mods with the maxed "Thieve's Wit" mod. Thus, using Sonar would make it easier to detect lurking, nearby enemies and make them easy to notice in the dark.


Finally, and in keeping with the theme of echolocation, I think that in conclave and dojo PvP, when an opponent becomes invisible (Ash's smoke bomb, Loki's invisibility, Shade's cloak), Banshee's sonar should make the opponent (at least considerably more, if not completely) visible during its duration. A bat, after all, would be able to discern a cloaked opponent just fine. 


Don't you guys think?

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I like all of your ideas actually TC. I'd also personally like the crit spots to be more intuitive. I don't understand how when your regular crit spot is your head, when I use sonar suddenly it is your hand. That's a pretty small complaint all in all, but it does annoy me.

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Also silence could be added to the sonar and have a new power for its place.


Clearly something needs to be done about silence...



I'm not sure if, logically, it would make sense if it deafened enemies (since, as far as I know, all real-life echolocation occurs using pitches that are too high or too low for the human ear to even hear -- with the notable exception of the limited human echolocation used by some blind people), and the power would be OP if it had any additional offensive effects... in my opinion.



Not that the offensive effects of Silence are of much use... outside of stealth play-throughs, the only thing that I can find that it's good for is when it is used with Radial Blind to incapacitate enemies that much more (though blinded enemies are already pretty incapacitated as it is).


To my mind, if "Silence" is to be merged with any power, it should be combined with Banshee's level 4 power (much like DE merged Rhino stomp into the time stop level 4) to grant Sound-Quae as an additional (and longer lasting and longer reaching) "deafening" effect - which would actually be realistic, when you think about it. I mean, if the sound were big enough to cause an earthquake, it would definitely deafen people more than 30 metres away...


...come to think of it, why not have enemies who survive direct hits of Sonic Boom and Sound Quake be permanently deafened? This wouldn't be OP (since most enemies who are affected by these powers are likely to be aware of your presence, potentially negating immediate stealth benefits), but it might prove fun and useful in certain mission types such as survival, where players are running all over the map and sometimes just maiming enemies. 

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