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New Corpus Railjack is terrible.

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I don't see the point in removing like 80% of what makes railjack railjack, and then making all the corpus missions just normal warframe with what's essentially the cutscene when you load into a mission, except its your railjack and you cant skip it.
This was a big step in the wrong direction.

On top of that, it almost seems like its intentionally trying to waste time.
 - the defense tileset is one of the worst defense tilesets to date 
 - the hacking drones spawn extremely far away from the player
 - the exterminate tilesets are just a bunch of long hallways
I get you don't want people spamming gian point in 3 minutes but this is just ridiculous 

Also, the fact that all 4 people have to be present at the same time to both enter and leave the corpus ships feels so clunky and old.
I don't understand how railjack had no issues handling multiple things going on with Scarlet Spear and Murex, but all of a sudden exterminate and defence is too much.
I liked that railjack was divergent from the normal game.
You haven't made railjack more interesting, you just took away from it and injected more of the same old content we've always had.

One of the things I actually like about the corpus railjack is the 10 seconds you spend shooting things off the the ship and hitting the weak points with dome charges.
I would love to see something like that where you're dismantling large vessels almost like the fomorian.

Please make railjack railjack again.

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7 hours ago, Mr.Holyroller said:

removing like 80% of what makes railjack railjack, and then making all the corpus missions just normal warframe

Classic DE, getting the most simple thing wrong.


"DE, we want Railjack Defense!"

"Okay, have a regular defense in a railjack mission."

"Well, uh, we meant... like... in space? Defending using our ship? Against other ships?"

"But that wouldn't combine classic warframe with railjack so that won't happen."


Thing is, DE's understanding of "combining old and new" here is the exact opposite of what they were supposed to do. Bolting a old mission onto the back of a completely different game mode is not "combining things", it's a waste of time and out of place.

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There´s no more railjack missions...its just go there, enter and kill. 

I think what community wants its just like the grinner missions on veil proxima. Corpus mission are very annoying, and 90% of the time mission we dont use our railjack.

The old interface configuration was 1000x better than this one. I hope DE reverse all this things. 

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pre-update: railjack is about dead

update released: EXCITED!

post-update on day 1: absolutely dead, inside out.

space defence sounds good, but ground defence.....that's the last thing I wanna do. Ground defene is old and boring enough that players yelling for change, yet it shows up again, in a SPACE mission. The existing mini ground mission in skrimish was okay, but this, railjack as a bus to what we have been doing for years, and must stick with it, that's a big no.

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