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Damage stats in Dry Dock UI bugging out

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The damage stat given for my railjack weapons appears to increase when I have Protective Shots in my plexus each time I select a different weapon. This makes comparing different weapons I may want to use quite difficult, as the stats I am shown are wildly inaccurate. I tested this bug with other mods that increase damage; Onslaught Matrix, Hyperstrike and Crimson Fugue, but I didn't notice any issues. The stat errors also clear up upon reloading the dojo.


(This other bug is kinda related but doesn't appear to be caused by Protective Shots)

I checked in the modding screen, and making any changes in the modding screen (moving mods, equipping and unequipping mods, changing configs, even between two blank configs) except looking between integrated, battle and tactical avionics appears to cause the damage values to climb.

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Adding more information
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This upscaled dmg in drydock's UI is carried over in missions also with hilariously high dmg numbers.

The turret used is zekti mk3 glazio.


Edit 1:

Even unshielded crewships in veil proxima got 1 tapped.

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