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Last year we had all the beloved Dex items throughout the entirety of March

March 2021 and the 8th anniversary of Warframe have almost come to a close, but for the first time, there was no anniversary event as of yet. Are there any plans to still grant these weapons and cosmetics to people who have recently started? Just noticed they hadn't dropped yet this year because someone in game asked me about Dexcalibur

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5 minutes ago, (PSN)IndianChiefJeff said:

They usually announce something a month prior, something about this case seems unusual if nothing is happening.

Honestly they were probably just focused on crunch time for the latest RJ update, were taking a slight weekend break, and will get to it after. 

I get it's a bit unusual to not even have an announcement yet, but they did just drop a major update. 

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i mean not even weekend double cred event upsets me. The last time they did it on the release date of another 3A game which I regret playing it on day 1 instead of warframe.

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10 hours ago, Hierarch777 said:

I assume it will be added alongside Tempestarii quest and Sevagoth. 

Ive indeed seen somewhere that "the Call of the Tempestarii update will mark Warframe 8th anniversary".

So well lets wait.

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2 hours ago, Birdframe_Prime said:

Yeah, I'd agree.

Except they also said 'Tempestarii' is in April. So that's the 31st.

Anniversary is more likely this week or next.

More likely when Tempestarii launches, which could be on the final week of April. They are in the "No hot fixes until next update" phase.

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