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The Derelict: Chapter 1 - Darvo


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One day, Lotus picks up a trace of an Orokin-like object but it isn't in the Void.

She suspects of it being an Orokin Vessel, but has no idea about the coordinates

of it or why it isn’t in the Void. She then sends a message to the Tenno,


“Tenno, I have just located a vessel of Orokin technology that isn’t in the Void, but I can’t seem to locate its whereabouts. Maybe there are some coordinates that will lead you to it. Whenever possible, search for the coordinate-pieces that will lead you to it.” She tells them.


The Tenno, now aware of the Orokin ship drifting out in space, continue to explore various planets, and sure enough, they start finding NAV-pieces and start bringing them back, putting them into the foundry for safe keeping, not knowing where to get the blueprints for actually building them. After some time,  Lotus

tells them about Darvo, a Corpus black-market seller,


“I have some news, Tenno. Luckily for us, there is a Corpus merchant who is willing to sell us blueprints for the coordinates we found. Be sure to bring as much Credits as you can, along with some materials created in the Research Room in case he demands more. Darvo can be very stubborn. He can be met at one of the Corpus ship on Mars. Ash, Loki, you two will be the ones who will meet up with Darvo, since you both are able to turn invisible and sneak past the wandering Corpus. Remember, Darvo can be very persistent. Good luck, Tenno.” She ends her transmission there.


Excalibur sees Loki and Ash head to the ship and goes up to them to wish them luck.


“So you two are going to meet Darvo? I hear that he can pester you into paying more. I hope we don’t lose too much of our resources to him. Good luck, to the both of you.”

He then leaves and the two leave the Dojo. At the same time, Frost, with his recently Primed armor, is about to travel into the Void with Mag, after hearing about some new Prime blueprints being located.

Loki and Ash arrive at the ship, and make their way through the large vessel using their stealth abilities sneaking past various Corpus workers and meet up with Darvo in a shady part of the Corpus vessel. Darvo sees them, and leads them to a relatively unpopulated part of the ship. He then greets them, with his always casual-tone of voice,


“Greetings, Tenno. Not surprising that you both made it to me without the camera’s spotting you and setting the alarms. How have the both of you been? I’m doing rather well, selling merchandise to many Grineer soldiers, making profits, selling more merchandise, making more profits. Making profits is always such a good way of living, no? Okay, enough with the small-talk. I’m sure Lotus has told you about the blueprints? I can supply you with them, of course, given that you have what I need.”


Loki and Ash stay quiet, hoping to intimidate him into making his price cheaper, but to no avail.


“You can try to intimidate me all you want, but it won’t work. I have all the time in the solar system, Tenno. It’s your choice. You better hurry though, because I can sell these nice mysterious blueprints to my other clients.” Darvo tells them, with a smile on his face. Finally, Loki speaks to Darvo,


“Fine. What do you want for the blueprints?”


Darvo continues to smile, his expression not changing as if he’s making them say the words he wants to hear,


“I’m glad you’re finally being reasonable. It’ll cost you a measly 5 million credits, 350 Morphics and  350 Neural Sensors. Cheap, eh?”


Ash and Loki look at each other, and both grudgingly get out the items and give it to him. Darvo holds out his hand with the blueprints in them. Just as Loki is about to grab the blueprints from Darvo’s hands, Darvo brings them back quickly and wags his finger at them.


“Uh uh uh! Not yet. You both seem to be in quite the hurry. That’s amusing. Looks like I’ll need more for these blueprints now.”


Ash, finally reaching his limit, demands Darvo to spit out his new requirements.


“Well what else do you need? Are the Credits and Morphics not enough for your greedy little hands?”

Darvo, with his emotions unchanged, responds in his always casual-tone, “It’s nothing too dramatic at all, don’t you worry. I just think that I can feel just a bit better if you can pay just a smidge bit more, so I won’t feel the need to sell these blueprints to anyone else.”


“And that extra price is…?” Loki asks him, starting to get weary of Darvo’s antics.


“It’s nothing, don’t you worry. Just a small price of… Let’s see… How about 300 Mutagens.”


Ash and Loki angrily glare at Darvo.


“... You do know that it’s said that there are no more reported findings of Mutagen Samples in this solar system, don’t you?” Loki asks Darvo.


“But of course, why else would I ask you for them?”


“You’re out of your mind if-” Ash tells Darvo, but then gets cut off.


“Don’t your worry your sorry little Warframes. I’m sure these blueprints will help you regain some of your lost Mutagens, and you'll probably find a new toy or two.”


“What do you mean-” Loki asks, but also gets cut off.


“No time now, I’ll leave that for you to soon find out. You’d best be off to build your coordinates. I’m off for another sale for another client.”


Just as Darvo turns and leaves, he stops and says to the Tenno,

“I’m sure there are plenty of surprises in the vessel that will make you be glad that you payed my extra little price. Be glad I didn’t make it higher. What else... Ah, yes, be sure to send Lotus my regards.” And he turns back and continues walking.


Ash and Loki also start to turn back and go to the exit, but not before stopping and glaring at Darvo behind them. He then also turns around and quickly says to the two Tenno,


“Also, you guys don’t know me.” and continues to power-walk away.


Meanwhile, at the Void, an alarm set off by Frost gets the oxygen to be cut off, leaving Frost and Mag to fight incoming waves of Corrupted to get oxygen to survive.




... I hope I'm doing this right. The preview looks kinda janky for me, so I hope it's readable for you guys.

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Not bad, a few minor grammar mistakes. Another relatively minor thing is that Darvo had the BP's with him, the Tenno could have just killed him for them. Please ignore this if it was explained and im just being silly. Other than the very nice.

Thank you! I was really tired when I typed this, so of course there's bound to be mistakes. I personally thought that Darvo would be kind of too important to kill, since he can sell Corpus technology and other things to the Tenno as well. They'll probably need him later on so that's why he's not dead right now.
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