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Duplicate Protection not giving Credits

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Just got to Tier 28 in nightwave—thought I hadn't been getting credits from duplicate protection, so I made sure to check credits before going up a tier this time, and I'm not.

I don't even get a duplicate. Just nothing.

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Same here.
I just got to Reward Tier 28 in the current Nightwave: Intermission III. I received the Emissary Operator Collection as a reward, I already owned it from the previous Nightwave Series 2.
This time, I did not receive 50 Creds for Duplicate Protection as instated in Update 29.7, instead I got nothing at all (see inventory screenshot), not even a second copy of the Emissary Operator collection.
The other cosmetics and such from previous Tiers (like the Protosomid Shoulder Guard from Tier 25; the Wolf Howl from Tier 23; the Spore Ephemera from Tier 18; the Wolf K-Drive scrawl from Tier 13; the Nightwave Sigil from Tier 8; and the Nightwave Emblem from Tier 4) all converted properly into 50 Creds, but not this one.
My hunch is that this is the only reward given as a bundle (4 items at once), instead of a single item, so something messed up in the Duplicate Protection system.

NW screen screenshot, showing Creds owned and Reward Tier reached:
Inventory screenshot:




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