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(SPOILERS?) About those Orphix Missions.

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To start this off I wanna say in advance that "Hey, I hope I don't sound rude here and I'm sorry if that happens. I don't mean to sound hostile, at all, and I apologise if I do come off like that. I do not do this often, nor am I great at writing more formally."


So.. okay, I don't think it's a secret that the Orphix missions weren't fantastic. Basic and perhaps somewhat repetitive, but maybe not the worse. The scaling of them just.. makes sentients and the orphix extremely un fun to fight. Especially when the best way to do it is to just spam Arquebex right the way through. That's not the main thing I'm gonna talk about here, but it's part of it.


The rewards. The rewards are.. pretty bad. Those MK1-3 items are gonna be useful only as long as you're done with them or min-max them. Which there isn't /that/ much point in.

The arcanes? The arcanes are the good stuff. That's what we're talkin' about here. The problem is the fact it takes awhile to get 3 orphix down. And if we're going by AA/B/C Rotation, that's a lotta orphix. 3 per rotation. That's far too many for how hard enemies start hitting and how much it starts to slow down once the Orphix starts taking more than 20 hits to go down a phase.

12 for one arcane? And the drop tables are just.. a mess. One of which being crammed full of every arcane, including the useless ones no one uses? Is.. not great. The whole thing would be better if, say, one Orphix mission could just drop every arcane perhaps? Commons on the first rot, uncommon on the 2nd rot, rares/superrares on 3rd rot. Maybe bring down the required Orphix to.. 2? I'd say 1, but then everyone would go "oh but that's too easy!". And players without the GOOD mods from the event (which isn't here anymore.) are given the short end. One necramech can heal itself because the other methods of healing (which weren't good.) were taken away for.. some reason. Necramech repair is the one fall back you get, and outside the fact it's.. just okay, you shouldn't need it to make 1 of the mechs viable. While I'm on this topic, perhaps Voidrig should get healing from Necraweb? 

I wanted to go off topic and quickly talk about some necramech improvements, but I won't do that here. Sorry for the digress.

so, basically:
A "less diluted" drop table, by cutting up some of the tables and putting them in different rots. (What i mean, is as said earlier, commons in A, rares in B, superrares and rares in C. It's not a great fix, but it's better. I don't know how to suggest a great overhaul, but I can suggest what I think might make it worth farming.)


Perhaps 1 or 2 orphix missions with JUST arcanes in them. Not railjack parts, or mods, endo or credits. Just the arcanes.

Make it take less orphix per rotation, maybe? 3 is already way too much for one rotation. 

Perhaps reduce the sheer tankiness of the sentients and Orphix. I don't think Orphix or sentients are fun to fight. Especially not so when they just.. have insane HP, armour and damage immunity gimmicks.

Give Voidrig a way to heal, too. Non-event players are kinda shafted by what is (or what i think is) a pretty late/endgame farming method. Without the ability to heal (at all) you're left at a serious disadvantage when you're forced to take a Hildryn or Protea just to make sure you don't die in a few seconds.



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Voiddrig can heal, you pick up health orbs. With Iron Skin at his disposal, Voidrig can just stay invincible until his health is topped off, which works fine as long as you got Rage...

Which brings me to where the hell are those mods. Why is the basic ability to see enemies on my radar gated behind an event that will never, ever come back since its a regular mission type now? Seeing enemies on your radar should just be a mechanic by default in the first place.

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Uh.. last time I checked voidrig could not pick up health orbs. Which is.. kinda S#&$. Even with health orbs that's pretty bad. And the Iron skin leaves.. a lot to be desired. It ends up just burning through energy faster than it's worth with stormshroud tbh. I've gotten.. I forget how far, but to the point where the moment my stormshroud drops my voidrig just gets obliterated instantly. 


Also, yeah enemy radar should just be 100% a passive thing at all times. We shouldn't need mods for it, honestly.

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