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A different problem not related to RJ. Kavat AI is abysmal since the patch.

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20 hours ago, (XBOX)TyeGoo said:

Maybe it's to balance out companions and sentinels to give the latter more usage time, who knows. 

I just hope that it's fixed in update 30.. 

make sentinels immortal and then we shall have balance, have been using my infested cat until beast companions get fixed.

in conclusion, even total a.i failure of animal companions isn't enough to switch to sentinels, that's the state they're in

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I don't like killer robots without personality and interaction. I don't care about bad artificial intelligence because comppanions are just silly robots.

If the DE gives us a pseudo training system for comppanions, it will not be necessary to reformulate artificial intelligence.



Beast Mod Set:

Beast Focus "COMPANION": Precept: The companion will attack a target marked during 6s. Passive: Any enemy hit by companion +180 warframe armor for 40s, warframe armor stacks up to 5x.
*When precept mod is activated: the companion will attack only marked targets
*When precept mod is activated: companion not attack common targets if there is no target marked
*When precept mod is activated: the companion will wait for a target marked for 12 seconds
*Bonus armor is a passive function of this mod
*Bonus armor will only accumulate if enemies are hit by companion
*Bonus armor accumulate when companion attacks invincible enemies
*Bonus armor is similar to the "arcane guardian", ideal for novice players with companions
*This mod needs to be accessible by novice players 

Beast Tracking "PRIMARY": After headshot: +30% bonus status chance for primary and companion for 20s 
*The bonus status chance is only active after the first headshot 

Beast Trainer "SECONDARY": +120% multshot. -90% Range. When killing with secondary weapon: the companion hits a enemy to be lifted
*The negative range percentage will reduce the range of beam weapons
*This mod will only take effect after an enemy is killed by the warframe's secondary weapon
*The enemy will be hit with a 100% chance of being lifted
*The lifted enemy will be the closest to the warframe 

Beast Discipline "WARFRAME": When hitting enemies with skills: the companion receives 10 health and their warframe receives 10 true damage
*This mod causes damage to the shields and then to the health of the warframe
*This mod needs to work similar to the "combat discipline" mod
*The wearer of this mod can die from the loss of shield and health
*Hitting many enemies with AoE skills can be deadly
*Works on hit invulnerable enemies
*Self damage activates Arcane Guardian and synergy with Non-AoE frames like Chroma, Inaros, Trinity...  

Beast Overload "MELEE": +10% critical chance bonus per status type affecting the target. when killing an lifted enemy with melee the companion will mark a target
*This mod cannot be equipped with "Condition Overload"
*Critical chance bonus can be stacked up to 4x
*"Target marked" will be the same as "Mecha Mod Set"
*"Target marked" is not dependent on "Mecha Mod Set" but works together as it increases chance of mark
*"Target marked" will only be activated if a lifted enemy is killed by the melee
*"Target marked" will be the companion's closest enemy
*"Target marked" will not be triggered for enemies in a period of invunerability
*"Target marked" can be triggered on enemies after the period of invunerability 

Bonus Mod Set 5/5: 100% to activate a precept mod after companion kills.
*The activated mod precept will work with slot rotation system, A B C and D ...
*Precept empty slots will be ignored instantly for the next slot with mod
*Do not stack precept skills 

Beast Overload: When kiling an lifted enemy with melee the companion mark a target

Beast Focus: Companion will attack a marked targer during 6s

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There's is definitely something wrong.. It: (smeeta kavat) 

A) moves on its own either back to spawn or further into the tileset (something I've never experienced with DEs ai) 

B) really gets stuck, previously enemies could stunlock pets but now they're really stuck and won't move. 

C) everywhere but railjack, the enemy spawns and targets are my kavat (while it gets stuck in railjack, enemies always spawn near me and target me (sadly, I wish some units would target something else xD) [ I think leaving railjack, ships etc. counts as falling into a pit, that's why it's hardly noticeable since it always teleport to me after a few seconds] ,

and not me, so when it's further away or back, the enemy doesn't spawn near or around me, but keep going and attacking my cat. In survival it feels like I have a 5% threat lvl and my kavat has the rest of 95% i actually failed to crack a relic today because enemies always followed my cat back or forth depending where it's going and attacked it. 

D) very slow reaction time

E) a fix I found for when it's stuck is jumping into an endless pit which always spawns my cat beside me, however everything above will start all over again

All in all, useless. In a literal sense. I'm switching to sentinels for now.. 

As a side joke, seems like ai is finally fighting back bc of DE never addressing them further.. But yeah, kavat became way more.. Special and sentient now.. 

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