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Lavos plays like I wish Octavia did


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I was initially a bit mindflooded on how Lavos worked, but when I realized using his kit is basically like playing a rhythm game like Guitar Hero I had another realization that this is really how I'd want Octavia to play. I feel like Octavia, if anyone, should have an interactive kit like Lavos since while the mandachord and having the music incorporated into the abilities is great, I've always felt Octavia is unfortunately really boring and, ironically, monotonous to play. Octavia is basically just 'set it and forget it' while you crouch spam, which gets pretty old quick. 😭

Don't get me wrong, I don't wanna come across too negative because I absolutely love Lavos' kit from the interactivity to the individual ability designs to how he uses cooldowns instead of energy (something I've wanted to see either in a warframe or across all warframes for a long time). So I'd love to see Octavia reworked, that she was a more engaging warframe to play, and something similar to Lavos would work great IMO

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This is a good way to express the problem. I agree Octavia is a bit boring feeling. She is super powerful and can handle any mission type, but ... she's lacking something.

I also agree with your expression that Lavos is like a rhythm game. I like the way his kit is meant to be used.

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