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UI: Navigation screen should be less dispersive


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What i'm talking about? Well... when you enter in navigation, it open the solar system map and from there you can choose the planet and then a mission you like, but there are 3 different "solar system: the regular one, the steel path one and the raijack one. 

Why don't merge in a single system, more ordinated and less dispersive, using the system we already have in game. Now i explain how i think they should be merged:

Steel path: steel path mission should work like any other gamemode that influence a node, like relic, invasion or nighmare. When you click a node, it open the menu where you choose in wich mode you want to play that mission, so for each mission you press on the node and decide if play regular or steel path. 

For the progress i think that when you finish all the regular star chart, the first mision should be marked as "to unlock" (the blue pulsating square you hve in mission already to unlock) but instead of a blue square it should be a gold square, so you can follow the progress in the star chart.

Railjack: Railjack also have his personal starchart, but also this could be merged with the regular one. Take Venus as example: imagine to have two different circles one inside the other. If you click the inner one is the actual planet with it mission, but if you click the external circle you join in the "space" of that planet, allowing RJ mission.

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Not sure I agree with your solution entirely, not in the specifics at least, but you're 100% on the problem. The bottom-right buttons (and toggle of buttons) needs to be cleaned up, the failjack (typo, but i think i'll leave it) button removed and integrated with the star chart. And if I were to push things - there are too many 'alert style' icons in the top-right. Some of those need to find better integration or other ways of launching them.

Though, icons like that are a prevalent problem throughout the game. More and more keep getting released to indicate some new aspect or mechanic (latest being the railjack mod categories) and it's too much. Look at relics, foundry categories, mod station categories...there are a lot of little icons like that. If DE just stepped away from the 'minimalism' design, I think A LOT of things would sort themselves out. But that's an overhaul of the UI essentially. But really, minimalism doesn't have a place with this game - not with the way they do it. It ends up over complicating things which is the opposite of the design intention. It's a complicated game, give us a meaty UI to compliment and organize the hefty amount of content.

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