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Intro Animations


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The events should probably have some sort of intro trailers.


I mean, the game clearly states that the grineer are going to enslave people, but that's like a total footnote.


So, for the future, have built-in intro trailers that play at the start, the first time, and can be reviewed at the "lore" section.


You know, SHOW it to us. Show us the corpus prepping their labs, the tenno being packed into crates, the tools they plan to use for project zanuka.


Show us the slaves suffering under the grineer taskmasters, the people starving and dying, being crushed by the merciless clone warriors, the miserable millions(billions?(trillions??)) that rely on this battle to go in our favor.


What we've seen has all been a lot of smack talking between two egomaniacs and a few pages of intercepted missives.


The causes don't seem overly real to anyone, and the moral dilemma is virtually invisible to most of us. A few quick trailers depicting the horrors that each side offers if they win would do wonders. You know, propaganda to inspire us, to show to all those PS4 players, to help us remember what we fought and lived and died for.


You guys are usually pretty good with this, it's kind of surprising that there wasn't anything this time, when it would make the most sense of all.

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