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burston a corpus kuva weapon?

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I believe the Burston is Tenno. It also makes more scene because it have a prime version. I can't recall a none Tenno weapon being primed with the exception of the Dakra Prime and the Euphona Prime which are Orokin only.

For more information:
Prime = Orokin (Tenno original)
Dex = Tenno
Vandal = Corpus modded  for the most parts. There are also Tenno weapons.
Wraith = Grineer modded for the most parts. There are also Tenno weapons.
Kuva = Grineer modded
Prisma = Baro Ki'teer modded. Confirmed to not be limited to faction.

"Mara" is theoreticly early Corpus design, closer to "Prime" in terms of lore.
"Ceti" is possibly Sentient modded.
Got nothing to back these up beside the source I got for each.

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burston had an old model, gave it a more neutral appearance, you can see it appear in the hand of grinner lancers in old teaser trailers, and in the "dark sector" trailer before the game was modified to be on earth instead of space, after a couple years they refreshed the model giving it a distinct tenno look, tough the redesign with its new cartridge clash with the prime design.

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