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Event Feedback - You Should Have Brought The Infested To This Event


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would have been fun if infested took over some locations of mars in the beginning of the event and effectively turning them neutral ground so both factions had to compete against each other trying to gain the bigger foothold on that location. that way infested would not be so sad for being neglected :P


I understand that you had to get grineer going with their invasion and therefor were required to have some good rewards in the beginning but this way corpus would also have had some places to invade right from the start and the rewards could have been spread out more evenly.


just a thought. 


(btw rooted for grineer from the start so no corpus lover here, but the event start was a bit one sided at the start I have to admit.)

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Supposedly, the infested are (were?) guaranteed to be involved in the event according to DE on twitter, but thus far, I are disappoint (though it wouldn't surprise me if it turns out the hidden cache of Tenno on Mars are infested or some such and were deliberately hidden, which would explain why even Lotus apparently didn't know about them - security through obscurity and all that).


Regardless, I personally would've loved it if the infested were drawn by the conflict and actually ended up invading the war missions themselves - e.g., you're minding your own business in an invasion mission slaughtering Corpus or Grineer and an Orokin Derelict (which are at Mars, incidentally) ends up plowing into the ship you're on to disgorge hordes of infested into the mission (or potentially even New!Golem/Lephantis if you're newbie unfriendly, hey, we know he's eaten Corpus/Grineer before :-P).


Besides, as the Mercenary spokesman in our clan, I've openly said I'd side with the infested if they became an option since they're in the position to offer the best rewards - unfettered access to Orokin ships for centuries and they don't bother using the technology, and Golem/Lephantis/Phorid have better communication skills than "Rrraauuud greedy milk" Ruk  ;-)

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