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Companion AI is broken.

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Some other people have made posts stating this, but I thought I would give my own, possibly more fleshed out point of view, as I've taken companions to a wide array of missions since the update dropped.

The bug in question, is that the second your companion spots an enemy, even if its completely unalerted, will attack that unit and will not cease attacking that target or teleport to the owner until the target dies or despawns, and even if the companion dies, it will often not teleport to the player to be revived. This results in your companion going off, attacking an enemy it is unable to kill and dying 500m+ away, unable to be revived by the player, and/or not give you any benefits due to the distance and its AI being occupied with attacking.

In Elite/Sanctuary Onslaught, the companion will sometimes not teleport to new zones with the player, and be rendered obsolete even after the zone closes, resulting in companions not contributing to the player for important utility.

In Eidolon hunts, your Adarza Kavat will be fruitlessly attacking a Napalm or Heavy Gunner after grabbing an Eidolon Lure, not giving crit buffs that you might want for your sniper rifle, such as a Vulkar Wraith, resulting in less consistent limb DPS and slower capture shots.

Even in missions where enemies rush the objective, the player being forced to kill will make the companions constantly run away from the player, constantly seeking out targets to attack and failing to support the player with resource doubling, crit buffs, energy, and even ammo.

This bug makes companions functionally useless a majority of the time, and can even make missions worse because your vacuum will go down and/or die a lot, and it can also stall AI in Survival and Defense, making the spawns less consistent and life support even harder to upkeep than it already was, and making defense waves slower in some cases. I assume something in the code is making the companion AI TOO aggressive, prioritizing attacking over any other functionality, and I strongly urge that this gets fixed ASAP, sentinels are basically required to have a functional ally in a staggering amount of missions.

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