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Clarification on new Clan Hall Ranking Order in 29.10 needed



In the patch notes for update 29.10, there was a line under DOJO QUALITY OF LIFE ADDITIONS, CHANGES & FIXES that read:


Clan Hall Ranking Order has been Removed. Build the Greater Hall, Grand Hall, and Grandest Hall in any order your Clan desires.

Am I correct in understanding that the smaller halls are no longer required? Is there a downside to removing the smaller halls (capacity, clan affinity, etc.)? When I first built the dojo, I just stuck the smaller halls into the basement and then walled off the door since they served no purpose. Can I now just delete them, keep the Grandest Hall and finally recover some real estate in my dojo? Because if so...hells yes and about dang time!

Can anyone confirm what this actually means and if it's safe to get rid of those other halls without any negative impact on the dojo? Please and thank you. ✌🏽️

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16 hours ago, Buff00n said:

Yes, the hall prerequisites are gone.  You can build and destroy them in any order.  Destroying a hall just costs you the capacity that room added, but you probably don't need it anyway.

Perfect, and thank you! Love your music, BTW! 👍🏽

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