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Corpus Proxima & The New Railjack: Hotfix 29.10.3

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Still an issue occuring as of the 3rd hotfix  

On 2021-03-19 at 9:28 AM, saghzs said:

TYPE: In-Game

DESCRIPTION: Eidolons no longer have a solid Hitbox


REPRODUCTION: Just jump towards an Eidolon.

EXPECTED RESULT: To bonk your head against it and stop moving.

OBSERVED RESULT: Phased right through it.



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7 minutes ago, S0NGA said:

good job, good updates here, thank you about the hard work, but...

"Since Avionics are now treated like regular Mods, Dirac (the upgrade Resource for Avionics) is being converted into Endo, for a more cohesive upgrading experience. All Dirac spent on your Grid will be reimbursed (i.e up to 39,000 Dirac to Endo if you maxed out your Grid), and all existing Dirac stockpiles will turn into Endo on login of Update 29.10.0 at a rate of 1:1."

before I needed a reasonable amount of DIRACs to put a Void Hole mod, at the max... now I need a more greater amount of endo AND credits TOO, to put it at the max!!!
you gave me the dirac back in 1: 1 in endo, but that's not what happens, when I have to maxmize a mod...  an EXECLENT example was VOID HOLE... note the difference between the amount of the extinct DiRAC that I needed before and the amount of ENDO that I need now, PLUS credits TOO!!!  does anyone think this is fair?!?

you also said that you would decrease the resources to build things... and indeed you did, but the resource drops on the open world also decreased... before, on Earth I could get a certain amount of material at a certain time... now, at the same time, the quantity is smaller!!
what was the advantage in that... who knows? it seems to me that we lost, in this conversion and changes!! its looks like nonsense thing!!

...and now the icing on the cake...

I see a lot of news that arrives and a lot of bugs that come as a gift... many are fixed, but it seems that the desire to bring more and more news, is leaving a trail of boring things with no solution, along the way!!
here is a good example that is already celebrating a birthday and that's why I brought the cherry(icing)...

the following new Deimos Challenges still not working!!! :(

    Bug Out Ride
        Ride 20 Velocipods.

        Kill 5 Juggernauts in Cambion Drift.

    Kill It With Fire
        Burn 100 Infested pods.

several Juggernauts killed in Cambion Drift, as well as Infested Pods and Velocipod riding, and none of the challenges updated.
I just hope that despite not tagging challenges as complete it still records them somewhere so that we don't need to chase that 100 pods after being done with Deimos some time in the future.

I would also like to complement, saying that many old bugs still remain unsolved...
the more new contents appears, the more bugs will appear as well and it will be more difficult to solve the old ones, too!!!  :(


It might be more endo total, but, since it's Endo, you will be earning it passively *anywhere*, so it ends up being balanced out. 

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So the Carmine Penta is not giving mastery exp nor is the twin viper wraith. Also Affinity gaining and focus gaining has been a little wonky since the new update and it is severely debilitating. Run ESO to round 8. Focus gains say 100K+ when the total in the mission is less than 100k.

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11 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

2 new Kuva Lich personalities have snuck their way into the game ahead of schedule! Enjoy these new taunts, introductions, and general Lich insults from your next 2 besties! 

Any news about grind reduction of the kuva lich system?
Since your new mantra is less grind i wonder if you will tackle this topic as well.

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9 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

Fixed Corpus Gox and Weaver Railjack enemies not dropping their Wreckage rewards if killed by the Railjack. If Gox was killed by a player in Archwing the reward was given successfully.

Guess it was a good thing I found the RJ so pathetically nerfed that I just farmed in AW. I can only imagine how angry this made everyone who tried to farm those exact two enemies for their plating/weapon drops while using their freshly downgraded RJ. 👍 👍

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Still waiting for the final Turbine door fix on Grinner Railjack. (Waiting for 2 years on that and counting).

Still waiting for Cy to be able to count correctly down from 5 and open the ship door regardless of a player using omni, recall or necramech while waiting.

Still waiting for the ability to re-enter a primary objective, if you happen to drop out of it back in space from its damaged sections.

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I really appreciate all your hard work but Please Please fix Vauban! His Vortex is no long er drawing anything in and he is currently unable to do what he does best in team play tactics. I thank you for your time


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