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Corpus Proxima & The New Railjack: Hotfix 29.10.4 


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  • BUG TYPE: In-Game
  • DESCRIPTIONSubsumed Spectrorage on Zephyr disables all skills, operator and melee usage if used while hovering with Tail Wind. Only way to get around this is to jump/roll so she can go back to her default flightless state. Bug happens regardless of Spectrosiphon augment being equipped.
  • REPRODUCTION: Subsume Spectrorage onto Zephyr, hold Tail Wind to hover and use Spectrorage.
  • EXPECTED RESULT: Zephyr should be able to continue using all of her abilities after using Spectrorage, go into operator mode and use melee.
  • OBSERVED RESULT: All abilities, operator mode and melee usage are disabled.
  • REPRODUCTION RATE: Everytime Spectrorage is used while having Zephyr hovering with Tail Wind. 100% Reproduction rate.

Aside this bug, there's a bunch couple others like losing functionality randomly on RJ when continuously doing missions while on the RJ, getting teleported to RJ when going out of bounds at high speeds (this also happens on regular maps btw only it teleports you right at the start of the map, which is even worse), grabbed mods being displayed weirdly and infinitely on your HUD and so on.

When are we getting Tennogen round 20? Also, it'd be specially cool if we could try out tennogen helmets from the arsenal and not get the full model swap instead. I've had to google people who had certain tennogen items in the past to be able to see how they mix with other skins, including your deluxe skins. Hell, yesterday I asked several on both region and Q&A chat tabs to see if someone had Frost Ion helmet paired with his Harka skin. Luckily I was able to find a couple screenshots outside the game. But it would be a lot more enticing to people that wants to support the game monetarily, myself included, if we were able to see that before buying. Same goes for the Prime detail toggle with Tennogen skins pre-purchase.

Lastly, I'm not on board (pun intended) with the Trello board. There's currently over 40 pages of bugs listed by people on the Bug Hunting Megathread and seeing the "known bugs" list only getting 7 items so far is personally way more disheartening than just being left in the dark. I'll reserve my opinion on the "popular feedback" to see if you guys do something about that feedback, which taking into consideration how the test server feedback went for Deimos Arcana release...

Having only 3 people able to add items to the Trello board is not gonna help either. Even less so considering two of them are our community managers. You guys need way more human resources in to be able to keep up with the board.

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So recently i was messing around with zephyr , as soon as you are in the tornado's range and the enemy does damage to your tornado it will deflect the dmg that the enemy does back to you . If u are standing near a tornado you will get damaged by the enemy bullets that the tornado absorbed. Keep it in mind , IF you stand on your tornado and your range is too big , it will cover your tornadoes so the enemy cant dmg it constantly so it cant absorb bullets , but as soon as the tornado comes out of your range or you move it will absorb enemy bullets and kill you .

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When the Dirac was still a thing I had all avionics maxed with tons of extra Diracs, now maxing every Railjack mod is expensive, consuming more endo and also spending  millions of credits for mods that act like prime mods, the compensation wasn't fair in my opinion.

Also some suggestions and ideas:

- Please reduce the time to build formas, 24 hours is too much, make it 1 hour or at least 12.
- Make an expensive universal forma that any mod polarity can fit in it except for Umbra polarity.
- Increase the credits rewarded from completing Steel Path missions, they give the same amount as regular ones, the rewards overall should be buffed.
- An option to exchange our resources with others at the cost of quantity, maybe make a trader like Maroo dedicated for this.
- Let the syandanas and attachments give a little armor, so they would be more than just cosmetics, for immersive purposes.
- Bring back the clan menu on star chart as we click on the Dojo like the old times.
- Allow us to move rooms in Dojo with their decorations.
- An option for copying a group of decorations all together, also the ability to move a group of decorations at once.
- Allow Deimos pets to equip armor like any other pet.
- Buff the capacity slots on the rest of aura mods to match Steel Charge.
- Add more info to arsenal when viewing weapons like showing hitscan vs projectile, to know bullets travel time.

Also what happened to modular Archwing project?
Thanks for the update DE!

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5 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

Fixed cases of Duplicate Protection logic not working for some Nightwave Rank up rewards. 

  • We’ve also made the tooltip on reward hover more clear that you’ll receive Nightwave Cred as compensation. 

Running any scripts to compensate people who did not recieve creds from the flawed logic?

Megan saw me coming and answered right below. 2 fast 2 post.

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Please fix the Plexus console already, people who don't own a RJ are unable to mod their plexus even if they own it. It makes it a pain to carry people when they cant use their mods. I honestly don't know why this hasnt been addressed yet. 

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il y a 3 minutes, MONSTERaider a dit :

Let the syandanas and attachments give a little armor, so they would be more than just cosmetics, for immersive purposes.

pay to win is not my type of game, no thank you :/

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5 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

Fixed Defense alarm repeating playback on each Defense wave. Defense alarm sound will now only play when the Defense objective is activated the first time. 

Tyvm =) is this true for void-def too ?

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4 minutes ago, MONSTERaider said:

- Please allow giving orders for recruited pilots in Railjack, they keep flying while I need to get an artillery shot.

You can assign them roles in the tactical (L) menu, so tell the assigned Pilot to be Engineer for a minute when you want to fire the arty

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