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Issue with Mastery Rank for Amp and Zaw



I'm not really sure where to put this but I'm at a loss for what to do. 

My Issue is that I have leveled up the Kronsh Zaw weapon and the Rahn Prism Amp, guilded them, and then leveled them back up to 30. However, neither the Rahn Prism or the Kronsh show as being completed on my user profile and aren't counting towards my total number of weapons/warframes mastered. 





Something I did notice was that when I went to Onkko and to Hok and checked on the Kronsh and Rahn Prism, both say 'Mastered', yet they still do not appear on my profile page at all. 



Again, not sure if this is the right section to ask but I really didn't know where else to place it. 



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18 minutes ago, LegendaryNeurotoxin said:

This is definitely a bug. My Kronsh and Rahn are maxed and mastered, and show up properly. They have been for many, many moons. Relogging didn't fix it, then? If not, report the bug!

Goign to move it to the Bug category, my b

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1 minute ago, RazerXPrime said:

Meaning you don't get mastery rank points or it just doesn't show up?

I believe you don't get the mastery. There were several threads about it here in Players helping players but I don't actually recall if they said the mastery was gained. My brain is telling me it didn't count.

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