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Explain Different Lotus Emblems


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I'm a little confused on why the many emblems and their placement.


The Lotus emblem that is the forum icon is seen on the braton, and hostages face mask is most often associated with Lotus.


Some say the Lotus emblem is on the warframes, but the emblem on the warframes is composed of strait lines and the text in it is different.


On the Helm of Lotus above her nose is a different designed flower as well.


What is with the different emblems?

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From a Lore perspective, it could be designs from different times or by different members of the Lotus, like a personal signature. Companies update their logo from time to time so the Lotus might too. Heck, it could be both. Maybe the head of the Lotus creates the emblem for their term of leadership. The Lotus might have different symbols for specific things to better identify what they are to their cause (Civilian, Warframe, weapons).


As for weapons in particular, the Corpus call us "betrayers", and seem to have a specific distaste for the Lotus. It could be that the Lotus/Tenno we're once Corpus themselves/apart of their cause and so the Braton (A very Corpus like weapon in design) has a Lotus symbol branded on it. It was their weapon of choice in their rebellion. 


All speculation, of course.

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Or maybe there's more than one Lotus. A whole army, all with their own slightly unique logo.


Can you imagine the voice chatter? "It's the Grineer." "It's the Grineer." "It's the Grineer." "It's the Grineer."

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