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Conservation Orb Vallis: Kubrodon lure/pheromone not in gear wheel

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Hi, i was making the NW mission to conservate animals in Orb Vallis and i notice in my gear wheel i don't have the Kubrodon lure (but i have buyed it from the vendor) and also i don't have the kubrodon pheromone (but the vendor say i have 145)

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I have also just encountered this issue.  Purchased additional kubrondon lures which then showed up in the #3 position but not in the gear wheel for lures???

Was unable to select the call from the tranq rifle wheel to initiate the capture sequence.  Call is showing up in inventory.

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I just reached old mate after at least two years grinding fortuna on and off and I can't get the kubrodon nor the pheromones to appear in the normal tranquilizer scroll wheel on pc.

pls send help ...i just came back to the game, please dont tell me pheromone farm is getting removed from the game

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