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1 Core 100% usage while minimized


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I just noticed that my game  caps 1 core at a 100% usage as soon as the game is minimized. 

It actualy takes more CPU usage than while im playing



W10- prof

gtx 1080ti

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I have the same issue. is vsync in my case. when activated your gpu only work what he needs, i have a standard 60hz monitor, any fps above 60 is useless to the monitor. but come to life this cpu usage, if i turn off vsync my gpu will work more than only 60fps, i got +200 fps this way but cpu high usage is gone. i dont know what to do. but at least i see why.

specs i5 7600k gtx 1070 win10.

if somebody have a perfect configuration to use vsync, and dont have high cpu usage, please help


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I noticed this bug too on my system.

Looks like there is no framerate limiter, when the game is mimimized.
It runs as fast as it can, until it hits the CPU limit (wich is possible, as there is no rendering done).

In my case I kinda solved it with turning vsync of in the game and set the max fps to my monitors refresh rate.
Then I forced warframe to use vsync in my gpu driver.

Tested on:
win 10
i9 10850k
GTX 3090 (driver 465.89)

Not ideal but works.

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