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Hi. I just want to know the best mods for Exalted Blade and Excalibur. I’m a newbie and just unlocked Phobos so please respond according to that I have almost 4K endo and want to know what are the best mods i can buy or upgrade. 

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Welcome to the forums tenno ^.^ 

For the exalted blade i used to pick chromatic blade from the arbiter of hexis or steel meridian syndicate. Thats back when i was using excal maybe things have changed.

Take a look if a tenno you know might have access to it .It was one of my favorite mod.


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You're still very early on, so I would just try different things and see how they affect the Damage number and feel of the weapon.  Try to replace the Flawed mods with the regular ones as soon as possible.  A few mods worth mentioning are:

1. Pressure Point - This directly affects your damage, so it's always good to have on for the first half of the game.  Only 5 ranks, so it should be easy to upgrade.
2. Fever Strike / Molten Impact / North Wind / Shocking Touch - These are the basic elemental mods, and you definitely want at least some elemental damage as it multiplies with Pressure Point.  You can get combined elements by combining any 2 elemental mod, see the wiki's Damage page (below) to see which faction is vulnerable to which elements.
3. True Steel and Organ Shatter - While the Exalted Blade's base Critical Chance isn't too good, having these two on will still increase your effective damage output by quite a bit.
4. Fury / Reach - Increases the speed and range, respectively.  Try them on to see how they feel.

Definitely check out the wiki's Damage page, as it breaks down the calculation so you can figure out the best loadout for any given situation:


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