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Coming Soon: Devstream #153!

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We know there are millions of opinions and ideas from WF players about what we like and dislike and what we want to see in the game. I'm not talking about bugs, I'm talking about customer satisfaction, customer experience and future product development. What system does DE use to collect and analyze customer feedback? Do they publish polls on twitter? Do they skim the forums and reddit for popular posts? Are they transparent about this process in any way? 

It seems to me that presenting polls/questionnaires linked to WF accounts would be the most transparent/effective approach. Tying the data to accounts would allow DE to categorize feedback by activity level, account age, monetization level, etc. 

I started playing about 5 months ago, and I've never been sent any kind of questionnaire about my new player experience. DE has never contacted me to solicit my feedback about anything in the game. I tried Genshin Impact recently and was almost immediately sent a survey which I completed for an in-game reward, so I know this isn't a radical concept in the F2P space. 

I'm very curious for someone at DE to enlighten us as to what feedback system/strategy is used at DE. After all, transparency is one of DE's core pillars. I encourage the community to get this query in front of DE on the devstream Q&A this Friday. 

Everyone here is familiar with Apple's success. Consider: 

In recent years, Apple has consistently taken a top spot in customer satisfaction rankings. This is due, in part, to the fact that Apple relies on customer knowledge for innovation and improvement. Over the years, the company has adopted a variety of customer feedback strategies including, yes, market research to forge its path as a worldwide tech leader, always reminding customers that "Apple welcomes your feedback on its products."

Feedback surveys have proven to be an especially useful way for Apple to gather customer insights. The company emails surveys to customers immediately after they have made a purchase. Customers are asked to rate their satisfaction level and how likely they are to purchase again. Because the surveys are sent immediately after a purchase, Apple is able to capture quick, accurate feedback while a transaction is still fresh in the customer’s mind.

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Question for the Devstream:

Would you consider getting feedback from the big YouTubers and community about nerfing melee weapon speed and rebalances before moving forward with the plans stated last Devstream? Melee and melee Speed isn't a problem.

Quick elaboration:

The reason melee does so much better than guns is because of the ability to build combo modifiers etc. Nerfing melee speed would be a bad thing. You can't "get through the steel path by just mashing E with speed mods". Any speed mods you put into a melee weapon means not having that mod slot for something else, so it all balances out. Doing some sort of 'chaining of parent-child speed mods' could ruin the fun for a lot of people if implemented wrong, and melee speed isn't really a thing. Instead, consider adding mods similar to 'Blood Rush' and 'Weeping Wounds' and 'Condition Overload' and such things for guns.

I love my (very balanced) melee speed, and would hate to see it ruined because a minority want to see guns become stronger. You can make guns stronger, if necessary, without changing melee at all.

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Question: is there anyway that with the newly added option to change the skybox of the open space room if this could also be an option for this same system to be used to change the skyboxes of the navigation room and the Drydock,etc using this new system? For example for someone that wants to make it seem like that their dojo is in the void. 

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Honestly, I'm curious to see what the Command Intrinsic will be like at rank ten. The NPC crew seems to be rather effective so far if one ignores how the gunners like to focus on the Corpus Crewship instead of the mobile shield that requires the generator be shot from behind to get rid of the obstacle. They also seem to ignore target objectives that have to be destroyed for the sake of progression. By the way, will we be able to recruit unique characters like Clem?

Will Cold Status/Damage need to be looked at?

What if new mods include effects similar to elemental status effects such as Corrosive's armor corrosion?

What are the odds we'll ever be able to stack elemental mods on top of each other in the same mod slot? Naturally, such a thing would of course increase the polarity drain, but that might be seen as worth the cost.

Will syndicates ever provide emblems that offer the same effect as their sigils?

I'm probably forgetting something, but this should hopefully be my last question for now. Would Warframe ever allow the players to collect blueprints that go into a library and have their resources be treated like Lego blocks?

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Hi team, how are you?

Quick questions, feel free to pick any!

Can we mining enthusiasts get a mining themed companion? Oxylus needs a sibling.

Can we get Deadlock Protocol combat theme added to the Orbiter's Somachord?

Is there any plans for the Orbiter to become a little more than it is? Like actually seeing it from outside? 

Do our tenno void power prevents us from aging or is it just making us age slower?

How many kids where at the Zariman when the "accident" happened?

Are the tenno sleeping in Lua's reservoir product of further void experiment or are they the ones from the Zariman?

How far into the story do you plan, and how far from it are we now? Do you have a lore team?

Do the tenno, or any other neutral faction (like random colonies, or general people from the Sol system) have any plan to rebuild and expand in order to become more than scattered outposts?

Do tenno have enough support in the system as to found their own colony rather than becoming allies to existing faction outposts?

Could the tenno have enough presence in a planet enough to tax operations from grineer/corpus, similar as how the Lich controlled territory works for us?

Do all Tennos follow the Lotus?

What would happen if a tenno went rogue against the interest of other tenno/Lotus?

What is the tenno's species? Human? Orokin? Half of both? Did the void "accident" made the tenno unable to procreate?

Did Ballas used Natah's body as a recipient for Margulis's Oro/Soul/Essence?

Do all in DE play the game?

Why do the tenno/Lotus took upon themselves to keep the factions (grineer/corpus) at even ground?

The Sentient faction becomes sterile when jumping back to Sol from Tau, does this means that over there in Tau they kept developing?

Could the tenno and their allies form a new empire?

If the Tenno is all that keeps the grineer/corpus from overcoming each other, what keeps the tenno from conquering any and all of the Sol system under one flag?

I'm really sleepy now, good vibes!

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Any plans for more test clusters?  For say, testing a new damage system?

Overhauling the damage system is understandably intimidating, but with some clever programming you could get your legion of 'beta testers' to overhaul it for you instead of grinding away at it the old-fashioned way.
It's just the foundations of this game depend entirely on its core gameplay loop, no matter what fancy new content you add, it's always going to boil back down to the core gameplay, and the core gameplay is unstable as heck.

Was away from the game for about two years, came back and within the first week I already feel burnt out because I keep getting cheesed, so I have to cheese back in order to get anywhere.  Perma-CCing the room just so I don't die in one hit is not fun.

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What happened with the rework of the greener void sabotage bosses?

will corpus railjack missions have skirmish type missions?

is it possible to split the group of players in a railjack mission when doing it with friends or in public sessions? Like two players go and do the defense mission in the capital ship and the other two stay in the ship and do another objective, like capturing an specific ship, or destroy an target to gain more rewards for every one in the group?

will railjack star chart have more missions added, like espionage, capture, mobile defense, etc?

will we be able to train further the A.I crew of the railjack?

in railjack missions the pilot A.I sometimes does not destroy the radiator outside the space station, is it possible to make the pilot A.I focus on shooting and destroying the radiator outside?

the gunnery rank 10 on the intrinsics skill three kinda sucks, if it needs a “nerf” in overheating, is it possible to make it worth it, like making it have auto aim with more then 80% precision or a big damage buff or something more interesting that make the overheating debuff worth it?

will kuva liches be more useful in railjack crews? Like adding a passive that is unic to each kuva lich, like a damage buff for players and crew, or a de buff for enemy units that invade the railjack, or a buff for the ship, like more shields, health, damage o rather unic effects that only a kuva lich could do even if they are exclusively defenders?

there is a bug on the dry dock, if you change the colors of the room, the heads of the npcs in the dry dock will maintain their original colors, when will it be fixed?

is it possible to add a forge to the dojo?

when I do missions from the dojo there is an extreme leg due to the decorations loading, and that leg didn’t happened a few updates ago, will it be fixed in the future?

is it possible to add operator outfits to the syndicates and will be added an full set of the wolf of Saturn six operator suit?

is there gonna be added customization slots to the operator/liset like we have with guns, frames, etc?

is there gonna be added more Tenno decorations for the dojo?

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Any planned work towards conlave? Some rework or complete rethinking of PVP in Warframe? For example Necramech PVP or Grineer vs. Corpus under player's control with influence on the Balor and Razorback constructions

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Can we get more definition to crew profiles?

I'd like to have them be able to back off their current task if something else is far more critical, such as targeting boarding enemies as a whole before returning to crew tasks, or breaking off guns to handle repairs if there's a lot to fix.

Additionally, I'd like to have gunners on call to jump in the forward artillery so I don't have to park the ship to finish off knocked-out crew ships. 

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Two things.

Can you fix Ash`s teleport bug? it has been in the game for years and it made no sense to give him changes but not fix this, so please get it fixed.


And ppl have an issue with the textures on warframes. This is not something we asked or wanted please revert this.


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16 hours ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

DevstreamNumberTemplate_153.pngHi Everyone!

Join us this Friday, March 26th at 2 p.m ET for Devstream #153 / Home Devstream #13!

We will be at the usual place (twitch.tv/warframe) with the Devstream crew of Steve, Sheldon, Geoff, Scott and I.

Our main focus is another Q&A and of course, a discussion on all things Corpus Proxima & The New Railjack. 

We’ll also be covering:

- 8 Year Anniversary Plans and what to expect!
- Call of the Tempestarii Launch Window
And… Drumroll …
- Xbox Series X/S Launch Window!

Don’t miss it -  watch to earn a Twitch Drop of a Rush Repair Drone, and look forward to 2 Gift of the Lotus Alerts after the stream! 

See you at 2 p.m ET on at twitch.tv/warframe (Or, if you're on Switch, check us out on Youtube: https://youtube.com/playwarframe)

This Thread will lock at 10 a.m ET on Friday, March 26th -  get your questions in here! 

Hi reb, why we can't buy more primed vigor or furys from simaris? Add please

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Looking forward to the stream. 

After playing the new Railjack content for a week, I still feel the warframe energy as Railjack ability resource is a bad move.

The most problematic area with this move is forcing players to either mod their preferred (low energy) warframes to have a larger energy pool and be less effective in ground missions OR to keep a low energy build but exiting the pilot/gunner seat to drop energy pizzas or use other energy regenerating methods on a very regular basis.

The alternative is to be forced to play as Lavos.

In any other "vehicle" in the game I am not negatively impacted by my choice in warframe and it used to be like this in Railjack too.

So my question will obviously be...

Will there be any revisiting/reverting the decision to use warframe energy for our massive reactor driven spaceship? Having a shared flux pool that the engineers could maintain and get restocked in the dojo was in my opinion a much better experience with more freedom to play the way you want than the current system.

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