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Corpus Proxima & The New Railjack: Hotfix 29.10.5 


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6 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

Added respective Kuva Lich ability information to the Kuva Lich details tooltip and the Crew selection screen Lich tooltip.

Not sure if it's me, but the converted Liches are refusing to use their third (Ultimate) abilities at all. They only use their 1st, 2nd, and their movement abilities. Can that be addressed?

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8 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

Added a new Railjack ‘Wear & Tear’ slider to the Customizations options for the interior! Similar to the Wear & Tear slider for the exterior of the Railjack, this slider adjusts the level of erosion that the interior reflects. In addition, we’ve added a coloring option for the exposed metal erosion (similar to the Orbiter Interior Wear & Tear)! 

Now do wear and tear on Warframe :)

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Thanks again for the patch, but crew members still can't equip armcannons (Shedu, Bubonico), because they don't appear in the equipment selection. 

Also I really don't like the fact that you tied their appearence to the weapons Config A, exactly the same crap you did with heavy weapons and Necramech's weapons, next to all the stuff that doesn't get saved in vehicle loadouts.

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2 minutes ago, Laserstormelpies said:

Who is the person that wrote that red text for the Hotfix messages ingame? It felt like I just read the messages from a soulmate.

This game exists for 9 years and no one knows. Its a mistery that will never be solved.

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Can there be a ‘dock with orbiter’ option? So that instead of going back to the dojo you can just end the mission like any other Where you stay as a squad and everyone can juts go back to their orbiters from the Railjack.

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Oh boi, here we go again: many many useful changes (and I mean really a lot so thank you guys and gals), but just enough bad stuff to make me wanna quit railjack:

  • The energy. It is a terrible and stupid idea to make the railjack abilities use the warframe energy pool. Yes, it is easy to recover, but if I have a 150 energy cap then I have to recover it after EACH shot of homing missiles. So the process goes like: enter weapon, shoot missiles, exit weapon, place energy refill, enter weapon, shoot missiles exit, place refill etc. And before someone says: NO, I dont want to modify my build with a useless max energy mod just to be able to use my ships abilities. The frame's build is good as is and it is optimized for high lvl content, which railjack does have! So I'm not gonna make it harder for myself. The flux energy system was way better, we filled it ONCE and could fire more than 7 times. This is just terrible.
  • Okay, lets accept for a sec that it consumes the energy of the warframe: WHY don't the energy efficiency mods on the warframe reduce the drained enegry?? It is not consistent at all. If Flow has an effect on the railjack powers usability (which has been established) then so should every other warframe energy related mod and arcane. (It would be still bad but at least not outright unusable)
  • I had a maxed out railjack, and I mean MAXED, had everything built and ranked up, but now the health, shield and armor mods are gone and the ship is reduced in power. Every player with maxed railjack health and armor avionics should have received an MK III plating to have a similar usability.
  • Also: I simply dont understand how it is decided whose railjack are we going with (but probably host). Starting from the dojo does not make a difference, it would be useful to let us chose our own ship if we want to and let others join in if they dont necessarily want to use their own ship. (Most ships stats are just awful, mine is closer to acceptable and will probably be better if I finally get a good plating (like what the maxed out health and armor avionics should have been turned into).
  • Edit: +1: Battle Forge should not be a super skill!!
  • Edit2: +2: I might have missed it but I can't find a way to use converted liches in railjack. I did miss it.
  • Edit3: Nighwave's collect 20 different resources does not count the railjack resources. It's resolved

So overall I enjoyed the railjack much better before the update, no QoL change can make up for the terrible railjack ability usability nerf due to the energy caps. Also: now there really isn't any incentive to upgrade the railjack, because now the missions are mostly on foot.

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