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Tenno Maps


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Good afternoon forum,


     As i sat there supporting the grineer during the Gradivus Dilemma i got to thinking.......dang we have infested maps, corpus maps, etc. However i have yet to see a Tenno map. Before anyone says 'The Orokin void level are Tenno maps.' They aren't the Orokin Came Before the Tenno existed..... Where i'm going with this is that, while we are supporting either Corpus or Grinner atm, Sargus Ruk and Alad V don't seem the type to let defeat stop them i.e. we cross them they find us and launch an assault on our homes...



To this end i had an idea that in my opinion is brilliant...


Have a whole system for the tenno with 3 entry points..... where the 3 enemy faction will move in from..... at the center of which would be our "home planet" housing the lotus and have sort of a reverse assassination ( mix between exterminate,defense and rescue in that you got to kill everyone while protection the lotus).... our goal in this system would be to keep them away from the "home planet".....on the out lying planets there would maps being invaded that you would either have an defense or survival (set amount of time to show as if the attacking faction gave up) and already captured planets would be exterminate (which secondary objective to defuse explosives [if grineer or corpus], eliminate infection pods [infested] don't want to repopulated the map only to lose it easily)


There could be a daily goal or weekly..nothing extravagent.


ex. keep 1 faction out  X credits 


Keep 2 faction out X basic resources 


Keep all 3 out X O.cells or other rare materials


to be continued...



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