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Corpus Proxima & The New Railjack: Hotfix 29.10.6

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Yeah, Garuda's Claws colors still broken when you equip any melee weapon on her. But Hinsa's Claws now OK, t.y.

Fresh screenshot:




3 часа назад, WLZephyrus сказал:

This happen not only when you equip any melee for her but also when using turret or piloting in Railjack mission



Why not?:

В 19.06.2020 в 13:22, Aeon94 сказал:

I have been playing with Garuda Hinsa skin and noticed that she is missing Dread Mirror skin. Not only colouring is hard with different textures and materials of Deluxe Skin and base Dread Mirror, she also feels incomplete without matching Dread Mirror. Hope it gets added into the game.

ArtStation - Garuda, deluxe skin. Warframe., Arsen Asyrankulov

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1 hour ago, [DE]Megan said:

Fixed receiving the Corpus “Loot Cave” rewards when using the ‘Return to Dojo’ option without actually completing the mission. 

understandable but dang

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3 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

Fixed progression stop when attempting to do Railjack missions in succession, which resulted in main mission objectives not spawning.

Music to my ears. Thank you!!!

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Do Murex send out units from Scarlet Spear? Are they supposed to? Because right now, Murex feel dull and a chore. If we had actual sentient threats, the anomaly would be more interesting

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1 minute ago, CA_Tomy_The_Kid said:

Please, I can´t hun Kubrodons in Fortuna. I can´t see the lure in my wheel but I can see all the other animals' lure. And I've got it. Pls fix. thx


Working on it!

There's a work around in the meantime: 


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Thanks for the update 

Please consider fixing Voidrig Guard Mode animation 

Please consider fixing foundry crafting process, I'm getting some delays when I start craft something.

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