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R-9 Cloud and H-2 Cloud (RailJack) - Not as rewarding


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I will move a post I made in the latest Hotfix thread over to here for context.

"Not sure if intended - but the missions rewards for doing R-9 and H-2 Cloud are not worthwhile anymore.

Did I miss something or is this bug?"

After reading around for a bit, folks were saying that the rewards were a bit much... and to be honest - I didn't really think so. I was at the highest difficulty for a Railjack mission, granted I was playing Solo, and it was actually fun to play that mission with the amount of rewards it used to. I legitimately had fun doing it again and again.

I wanted to ask if this is a bug at the moment, unintended, and if anyone else had opinions on it.

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Alright. I thought it was some bug, but it seems the nerf was intentional.

I'm worried DE is only looking at their game at some kind of face level - rather than getting a thorough enough understanding of their game by just getting in there, all admin stuff revoked during the process - no exceptions, and just dealing with the gameplay, grind, etc; until they have a good enough idea why the issues in the game are present as they are.

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