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Sounds Abit Embarrassing But I Feel Like Im The Worst ?



I created a new character/frame a year ago in another account .It's excalibur.I remember the first time I play this game.I  read all the guides and walkthrough and etc before I started the game .I spend my 50 platinum wisely on warframe slots and weapon slots .After unlocking all the missions in  mercury i decided to continue my journey on the next planet which then I find impossible to do it alone :( .I ask my friends to help and they agree but god .. their frames are just INSANELY 100000X times better than mine ....I see them rush into battlefields , literally killing all enemies with 1 blow .I watch in awe and I ask them did you invested any $ in the game.They said no , u just have to farm it but it's easy for you , just follow us. .


Well....I know it's easy .Yeah follow your buddies and watch them kill everything , u just wait at the extraction point when its done. It's been like this in the past year and a half everyday ,every mission .It's not like im complaining that the game is bad , dont get me wrong. the game is really fun ...but the feeling of kinda not participating in the battle gets me sometime .


Although my frames improved after a year and a half but their frames got incredibly buffed too .Sometimes when I join online missions too with other anon players . Almost all of them have a better frame than me .The worst thing is I die alot , especially in void/Od missions .It's like im constantly dragging the whole team down .I feel like a sore loser .....


I didnt tell my friends  this because I dont wanna give pressure to my teamates or friends .I have a really nice frost frame too but not as good as their's .I dont want them to somehow sympathize me .I dont want them to be like "make way , here comes the noob , let him play" .I Just dont wanna look weak and end up last every match.Another thing is , having high lvl clan leaders and players helping me definitely helps me alot .But that'll make me look like a freeloader , I mean they invested alot of time too in this game .im not in the same standard/lvl to deserve to tag along with them ....


Well , I think this game is just a constant struggle to get stronger and stronger .Because seeing other players with really cool frames demotivates and motivates me at the same time .Is there any recent up to date solo farming guide that I could use .Or build guides for frames and weapons ?I really needed that ....


Thats why I said to myself

One day , I swear , If I ever get rich




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The wiki has some build guides, but generally speaking I find just reading the ability pages on the wiki is enough because it tells you how your mods change your abilities.

For example unusual stuff like focus increasing the regen from energy vampire.

Also it helps to know the base stats of your frames(if you didn't already), because some might surprise you, like saryn has a very high armour base meaning armour mods are actually worth it for her.

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For Frost, if you use mods that beneficts his globe duration and his health/shield/armour, it would be already a great step of how to stay alive.

Also using armour piercing mods, multishot mods and normal damage mods in your weapons is a must

I hope this helps

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