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Show us your Railjack crew!

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Just a thread to display your RJ pride!  ( @[DE]Rebecca @[DE]Megan give DE my love! )

IGN : GrazeZeroLow

Railjack : No Heroes Here

Crew : They eat the dead, insult my opponents' flying skills, and understands that "life is too short". 

No crew is better than mine. Admit it. 😘






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10 minutes ago, GrazeZeroLow said:

Just a thread to display your RJ pride!

The Hornet and her crew;



featuring Arch-"Meme" Kerak, Doedu and the menacingly talking strategist, Tachi.

With her Zetki Talyn and Vort, the Hornet makes short work of any target.

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I'm so glad you can put syandanas and armour on them.


I ended up with so much throughout the events, rewards, etc. But I hate putting them on my Warframe as I feel they're over-designed enough as is. However these would be perfect on the crew.

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I would enjoy a strong independant Male from both Suda and Steel for last 2 but haven't seen a single one yet which is strange. o.o Weird using an enemy Syndicate member, Zous even keeps secrets from me with blank background. (I'm Suda).


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Here is my trusty but motley crew , all are competent engineers some prefer big guns and some prefer weapons of mass destruction.


And my trusty Railjack The Motley Maelstrom in my very well camouflaged Dojo.





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Sure, why not :clem:



I don't think I'll ever part with Bure Lorokk. Not sure if it was a bug or a part of crew AI (if a bug then an awesome bug) but during a corpus exterminate ground mission I got downed, and after reviving and heading to the next tile I find her there blasting away at the Corpus. Not sure how she got down there but it was a pretty awesome sight.

Good thing it was at the end of the mission though because she didn't return to the railjack afterwards. I think she had a score to settle 😂

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6 hours ago, o0Despair0o said:


You sure? Sounds to me like your gunners aren't doing their job.

My gunner wants the Liches to have a slice of the fun so sometimes he let Ramsleds in usually against my wishes. Do you have any idea how hull repairs cost? Sometime I scold him, but dang he is a good gunner.

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