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AI Crew Gunner not getting out of Railjack turret when role is changed


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  • TYPE: [Railjack]
  • DESCRIPTION: [When switching roles of crew gunners to any other role during a mission, they will not vacate the turret and continue to fire on enemy ships.]
  • VISUAL: [No screenshot - in tactical menu, roles of gunners are switched to another role other than gunner, and it still shows them in the turret location.]
  • REPRODUCTION: [Returning to dry dock fixes their roles, switching roles in mission or between continuous missions causes the problem.]
  • EXPECTED RESULT: [The gunners should get out of the turret and go perform their other assigned role - in this case, I want them to stop shooting so I can shoot the enemy while they are defending or engineering.]
  • OBSERVED RESULT: [Gunner gives an audible confirmation of switching roles to engineer or defender, then stays in the turret and remains a gunner]
  • REPRODUCTION RATE: [Seems to happen a lot when switching roles at the end of a mission before continuing to the next mission. If at the end of a mission I switch the gunner to engineer, then warp to the next mission, on mission start the crew member is labeled as an engineer but is still in the turret as a gunner shooting enemy ships.  The gunner will not get out of the turret no matter how many times I switch the gunner's role and continues to fire on enemy ships.  I have to dry dock to fix it.]
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