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My Special Movez *not Really Patented Or Anything*



Try ´em out see if you like em,post some of your own,they dont have to have cool names :D


Sprint+Jump+Crouch=Dragon Kick---Crouch-to cancel the Dragon kick and get into fall mode+E

-Bassicaly used for a quick DfA-Death From Above mellee manouver,that also carries you forward to your target


-You have to time this one out,if you are succefull,you will deal 20 kick damage and the spin attack damage,while ragdolling the enemy

Dragon Kick+,wait for contact with enemy,+E


-Makes you perform the roll which reduces damage in mid-air,can also be used to do a DfA

:Press Jump and Shift at the exact time,its not really hard and looks really awesome,if you wanna dodge out of a pile of infested,do this.

Feel free to submit your own moves!

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