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Tenno Egg-spression Contest [Winners Announced]!

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vor 3 Stunden schrieb Slayer-.:

If you are registered on imgur you'll be able to get the share Direct Link for the image.


Or just do this,

This is your image I ripped it out of your posted one on imgur, right click on your image on their site and Copy image address then paste it into the forums here and hit enter, it might take a little time to load but it'll pop up.

https:// i.imgur.com/T8LjnMx.png raw link with gap to be able to see it.

  Unsichtbaren Inhalt anzeigen



https:// i.imgur.com/bbuf900.png


Or as a Qr Code lol




Oh, thank you verry much! Now I will know it for the next contest :) 

Ps.: Maybe the images should be BIG, so evryone can see them? 😏

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49 minutes ago, (PSN)SOL_PANDORA said:

https://www.instagram.com/p/CNaQgmXr-gj/?igshid=yflf4nvt4ii7  Egg-imus Moa physical egg category my original ornate plan didn't pan out lost a day in the emergency room from health issues this was my backup hope you all enjoy sol_pandora psn. http://imgur.com/gallery/J5rk6YJ




Trying to insert image vs link
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We were so impressed by all your wonderful creations! From funny to delicate, we adored the spirit of your Warframe-themed Easter eggs. Thank you! Given the number of great submissions, we decided to create a separate section for 3D artists, dividing the Virtual Eggs category into ten 2D winners and five 3D winners.

You can watch the full winner reveal on Home Time #50

Official Winner List:

Honorable Mentions:


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