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Tenno Egg-spression Contest [Winners Announced]!

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Submitting for virtual egg category!
Void Egg sculpture!
actual design was inspired by ayatan statues and void windows on Deimos.
It is also animated! 


Also I recorded all creating process so you can watch it on my Youtube channel:


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This is my virtual egg submission.

I hope this fits as an entry for the contest, but HEY I'm glad to present to you *drumrolls* the OVUM RAKNOID



Good luck to everybody participating, I've seen some amazing stuff until now UwU

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Here's my entry (virtual category)!

"Don't forget, kiddo... you can't celebrate Easter without me..."


Edited by Grinalbi
Fixed some minor details
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refering to your last Home time from 1.4.: dear Rebecca and Megan, here is an example for blown out and by kids painted eggs. (not part of the contest) They are put up on forsythia twigs (in bloom) or twigs from decorative almonds in bloom. The most detailed egg decoations in Germany are made by the sorbians https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Egg_decorating_in_Slavic_culture.




My contribution for the physical warframe eggs:

colored hard boiled eggs - "decolored" using lactic acid.  Includes: 3 kubow eggs (orange), corpus hacking puzzles (green and yellow), corpus and fortuna symbol, two ore eggs (blue and one broken orange), schools eggs: vazarin, zenurik, naramon, unairu, madurai; three cephalons: Jordas, Cy, Samodeus; a symbol and finally in violett: sevagoth and his shadow inspired by that great manga style image shown on the home time stream.





Happy easter days!

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edit: Submitting for physical egg category

I realised that I don't have paint after I boiled the egg

used ink pen instead, really lack in drawing skill, but it's an honest work


Have not done this eggdrawing for like... ever lol


Same egg, different side (lol), angle I mean (need fatter Grendel tho)


Because I didn't draw the whole egg, it is hard to show from one angle, had to do a mirror shot


kinda shaking the phone while taking the pictures... 


I uploaded these pics on Steam Artwork and then linked here, hopefully they work

forgot to enter the category
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