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Hand-To-Hand Combat


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Any chance we'll be able to put no melee weapon in the melee slot and go kung-fu on some grineer? Like the Kogake with stagger instead of knockdown. Martial arts mastery would be awesome imo.


It would be fantastic if this became a reality, although when you add hand-to-hand combat into a game it needs a variety of moves, and variety with that sort of thing needs a crap-load of animation.  So if this gets implemented, it will probably take a long time.


Why use your hands if you have 1,80 meter sword to chop your enemy in one swing?


Really, Im also sick of more melee weapons, we have almost as many melee weapons as other weapons.


You can never have to many things to cut someone in half with! :D


Only problem with equipping nothing is that you'd have no melee stats... But it would be fun to unequip all your weapons and just go punch people on Mercury!


This is a very good point.

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Just something I thought would be fun and was wondering if other people felt the same. While I do like the current fist weapons....I'm sorry to say that they're ugly just attached to the hands permenantly like they are and seem as if they'd get in the way more than they're used.

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