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Trinity Revitalized

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I started playing Warframe during U7, and, at risk of sounding like an old man, back in my day energy and health were harder to get, the main options being orbs, health/energy restores, and Trinity (rage was a thing as well, but not as popular as it is now). But now, those resources have become much easier to obtain, diminishing the value of support and healer frames. With Trinity’s kit being a small range heal, an energy restore, a damage reduction, and a bigger range full heal, her kit is not as valuable as it used to be.

Restores Energy:



Hunter Adrenaline and Rage

Energy Siphon

Energizing Shot


Mag Pull (orb on kill)

Atlas Ore Gaze (loot drop)

Khora Pilfering Strangeldome (loot drop)

Hydroid Pilfering Swarm (loot drop)

Gauss Kinetic Plating (convert physical, heat, cold, and blast damage into energy)

Octavia Passive (restore 30 energy over 30 seconds on cast)

Gara Spectrosiphon Augment (orb on death of victim)

Ivara Prowl (orbs)

Ember Exothermic (orb)

Deth Cube Energy Generator

Energy for Life

Entropy, Blight syndicate bursts

Arcane Energize

Energy Restore consumable


Honorable mention: Lavos and Hildryn both use alternative resources to energy to power their abilities and thus have no need of energy at all.

Restores Health:





Oberon Renewal, Reckoning (orb on death)

Inaros: Passive, Desiccation, Devour, Scarab Swarm (all lifesteal)

Sancti Magistar

Synth Deconstruct (orb)

Blood for Life

Purity, Truth, Justice syndicate bursts

Arcane Grace

Health Restore consumable



Restores both:



Harrow: Thurible (Charged energy restore), Penance (lifesteal)

Nekros Desecrate, Chesa Kubrow Retrieve: (orbs/loot drop)

Sahasa Kubrow: Dig (orb)

Equilibrium: (mosty with Desecrate/Despoil) (orbs restore the other resource as well)

Equinox: Passive (orbs restore the other resource as well), Mend

Nezha: Blazing Chakram (20% chance energy orb, 50% health orb on kill of marked enemy)

Grendel: Nourished Energy (casting heals Grendel, gives AOE energy restore/increase buff)

Nidus: Virulence (10 energy refund for enemy hit), heal over time

Garuda: Bloodletting (convert health to energy at will), Blood Altar heal over time

Protea*: Dispensary (orbs of both types, available through Helminth so available to theoretically any warframe)

Trinity: Well of Life, Pool of Life (orbs), Energy Vampire, Blessing



I may have missed something but the point is that it is a lot. TL:DR Trinity needs a new hobby than just restoring now that restoring has become so common compared to when her kit was made.

The following is what I propose (numbers subject to adjust and are purely for illustrating the point)

Well of Life:

Perhaps unchanged by itself, but Trinity doesn't need to make orbs when she can restore health and energy through other ways. Maybe boost the base radius to about 11m so it doesn’t tether allies to one spot as much.

Pool of Life augment: Renamed to Well of Vigor

Allies in range of Well of Life gain 10% increased damage, affected by power strength. Alternatively keep the augment as-is, but roll this effect into the base ability.


Energy Vampire:

No change needed, does exactly what it is supposed to.



Allow linking to more than 3 enemies, perhaps make it work like Shield of Shadows where Link can go up to 80% damage reduction for Trinity based on the number of linked enemies. Allies link to Trinity, receiving a 20% damage reduction. Damage reduced is sent to Trinity, then to linked enemies. Linked allies receive a up to 10% increase in damage, depending on Trinity strength and linked enemies. Alternatively, linked enemies receive increased damage, like those affected by Nova's Molecular Prime.



Like Energy Vampire, does exactly what it needs to. Perhaps another damage bonus, up to 10% based on amount healed like the damage resistance.


The idea here is to make Trinity more useful the more dire the situation is. Unmodded (except proposed Well of Vigor) she gives up to 30% damage increase for herself and allies, 20% damage reduction to allies, 80% to herself, and constant healing for everyone. She keeps her support role, but is more useful and less redundant to the team than if she just restores. This also incentivizes staying in Trinity's effective range more.

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emphasis for TL:DR
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Trinity used to be my main until Nezha rework.  Now Trinity only does Eidolon hunts to bless lures and keep them alive.  I do like some of these changes though as I agree she needs some love to make her more useful.  Even discounting all those other ways to heal/get energy you mentioned the energy or health pizzas are honestly super easy to spam and...probably op if we’re being honest.

However I will say that one of the biggest problems I had with her probably wouldn’t change.  I usually spent so much time casting abilities that I rarely got a chance to ever reload my weapon.

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Trinity has always been about healing, resistance, and energy. And it works well even now. This has always worked well even after many nerfs. You have helminth now, so you are able to, for example, take the death mark to blow up rooms with the help of an energy vampire with viral cat. Or nuck with the gauss spam ability. Or give more buffs to your allies. You have a lot of protection and energy, many frames dream about it.

And no, vampire is not the same as arcane energyze + zenuric. Far from the same thing. Link is good DR and status imunity. Blessing restore shields and think how muck shield restore exist in the game. OK, the well of life is garbage, but everything else, I think, is fine as it is now. Just need an augment for the blessing.

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I would be wary of reworking a warframe simply because they're no longer meta, and while Trinity is no longer the resource-generating god she once was, she's not really in too bad a spot power-wise either. Really, the biggest thing holding her back in my opinion is that her design is really archaic: a lot of her power comes from duration-based steroids that she has to refresh constantly due to their short base duration, and her kit is full of redundancy as well, since her 4 makes her 1 essentially obsolete, and her 3 and 4's 75% damage reduction both combine to multiply her effective health by a factor of 16, which is also why neither steroid I think can be made that much stronger. I do think she could use a rework, but while a damage boost could perhaps be worthwhile (I'd be a hypocrite to say otherwise, given that I've swapped out her 1 for Roar), I would focus more on making her feel as smooth to play as possible and much more interactive, since right now her 2 gets pretty spammy by nature.

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