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Corpus Proxima & The New Railjack: Hotfix 29.10.7

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Thank you for the Friday hotfix.

Give Railjack the ability to force host or opt out of hosting for the player. This feature has been asked for years in the base game. It really needs to be a feature in Railjack, because unlike the base game, your host can dictate who's ship is being used, even if you've spent money, platinum, and time on customizing it. 

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  • BUG TYPE: In-Game
  • DESCRIPTIONSubsumed Spectrorage on Zephyr disables all skills, operator and melee usage if used while hovering with Tail Wind. Only way to get around this is to jump/roll so she can go back to her default flightless state. Bug happens regardless of Spectrosiphon augment being equipped.
  • REPRODUCTION: Subsume Spectrorage onto Zephyr, hold Tail Wind to hover and use Spectrorage.
  • EXPECTED RESULT: Zephyr should be able to continue using all of her abilities after using Spectrorage, go into operator mode and use melee.
  • OBSERVED RESULT: All abilities, operator mode and melee usage are disabled.
  • REPRODUCTION RATE: Everytime Spectrorage is used while having Zephyr hovering with Tail Wind. 100% Reproduction rate.

Aside this bug, there's a bunch couple others like losing functionality randomly on RJ when continuously doing missions while on the RJ, getting teleported to RJ when going out of bounds at high speeds (this also happens on regular maps btw only it teleports you right at the start of the map, which is even worse), grabbed mods being displayed weirdly and infinitely on your HUD.

When are we getting Tennogen round 20? No mention of it on last devstream. Also, it'd be specially cool if we could try out tennogen helmets from the arsenal and not get the full model swap instead. I've had to google people who had certain tennogen items in the past to be able to see how they mix with other skins, including your deluxe skins. Hell, yesterday I asked several on both region and Q&A chat tabs to see if someone had Frost Ion helmet paired with his Harka skin. Luckily I was able to find a couple screenshots outside the game. But it would be a lot more enticing to people that wants to support the game monetarily, myself included, if we were able to see that before buying. Same goes for the Prime detail toggle with Tennogen skins pre-purchase.

There's currently 49 pages of bugs listed by people on the Bug Hunting Megathread over at the Trello board and the "known bugs" lists only gets 4 items. Wasn't it introduced to be more transparent with us? NGL Instead it looks like "hey look at all we've done!" while disregarding a whole plethora of bugs we've long had in the game. Not to mention the current board getting scrapped for a new one when Call of the Tempestarii gets deployed.

I feel like Joey here. Thanks guys.




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3 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

Fixed attempting to search for a Mod in the Plexus by using the Left Stick on a controller not activating the search bar

Speaking of Mods, we cannot see any of any unowned Railjack Mods. It can't be seen in either the Codex or our Mod Bench. Will we be able to preview any unobtained Mods?

3 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

Fixed newer Corpus Railjack Armament Wreckage reward UI not doing the fancy left side “slide out” notification when picked up.

It would be appreciated if the Railjack resources such as Titanium, Cubric Diodes, or any other related resources to be exempt from the "Rare item" pop-up. It's unnecessary clutter; leave it reserved for Armaments and Component pickups.

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Thank you very much.

Happy NightWave hunting, tenno.


Fixed Kubrodon Echo Lures and Pheromone Synthesizer not appearing in Conservation wheel on Orb Vallis

Since you are fixing the grineer missions, too.
There are also cases of wrong/outdated waypoints.

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Still no fix for the new corpus weps giving a fraction of the Endo they should give when scrapped? Are you trying to scam us all out of the Endo we should be receiving?

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Please make hull plating max armor values round! Current ones are just pain to look at!

6000 hull and 2688 armor for Mk3 Lavan plating.

4400 hull and 3688 armor for Mk3 Vidar plating.

4800 hull and 2938 armor for Mk3 Zetki plating.

Please, spare my OCD!

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