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With Rhino getting a new Dex anniversary skin soon, could Iron Skin's visuals please be finally changed?

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People have complained about this time and time again so I know I'm just beating a dead horse here.

Rhino is impossible to fashion-frame unless you're using his deluxe skin, because Iron Skin is an essential ability, and whenever you use Iron Skin it turns Rhino solid gold (or solid whatever color you have set).

They just announced in the recent dev stream that Rhino will be getting a Dex anniversary skin in April. The skin looks pretty cool. But of course, we'll never see it or get to enjoy it because Iron Skin will overwrite it with a solid color.

Maybe this is the time we can finally get this changed? If enough people speak up and push for this, maybe they'll be able to set aside five minutes to tweak the visuals of Iron Skin.

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Today's patch solved a similar problem for Gara. Where's the love for Rhino?


PLUS! As an added Gara QoL change, her glass armor no longer disappears during Splinter Storm!

You have requested many times (many, many, times) to have a UI toggle that will give you control over whether Gara's glass armor parts will "shatter" while using Splinter Storm. You want to use this power all the time, but it makes your warframe look so much less... shiny when you do.

Given how persistent and unified this feedback is, we've decided to simply make this power not remove her armor plates while it is active. Adding a toggle adds significantly more complexity to the code and significantly more chances for things to break than just not having the effect at all.

We hope this change will be appealing to everybody living on the cutting edge of Gara fashion.


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