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Mouse range of movement offset, well ... off xD


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Ok so I recently played some railjack missions with my friend and I encountered a bug which is my absolute favourite I think.
I am not completely sure how it happens, though I have a hunch it has something todo with having the omnitool equipped and teleporting/changing into a turrent/necramech/whatever.

Anyway I was mucking around in a loot cave when I noticed I could not raise my mouse higher then 20° or so. (If we define looking parallel to the ground as 0°)
However I still had my full range of mouse movement, lets just say it was not the most useful range. :D


When I changed into the necramech my range of movement was offset correctly - but even after exiting the necramech again it stayed that way for the warframe until the next loading screen.

I found it more hilarious than annoying but thought I should report this anyway.


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Been getting the same bug these days, I think the archwing slingshot/boarding targets might be the cause, I've been testing and that's the only situation where my camera glitches out.

I might be wrong tho lol


Edit: After some testing, I can confirm by 92% that the actual cause is the archwing slingshot, regardless of if you board an enemy or not.

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Additional testing
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