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Of Monsters ... And Monsters. A Reason To Side With Evil.


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You're just as evil as we are. Why Ced, why?


Resting the grimey, scratched up Soma on his lap, the Rhino opened his faceplate and took a deep breath. He stared out to the stars, behind the thick transplasteel. It was a beautiful sight, from where he was sitting. The firing main weapons of a distant Galleon illuminated the darkness, and the engine emissions of the burning carcass of the Corpus ship added a hint of blue. He smirked, as the voice faded in his Comm. With a slow motion, the Tenno pulled the Grineer body next to him closer, and with the other hand, flipped open the hip satchel of the scorched corpse.


"You see, Tenno ... your soul is a precious thing. The more horrors you witness, the more atrocities you commit, the less of your innocence remains. Eventually, you lose so much of it, cover your soul in so many scars, and have so much black coat it top to bottom that you become the horrors. You become the atrocities. It becomes easier to muder, maim and dismember. It becomes ... commonplace.", he replied.


The Rhino removed a cylindrical container from the dead soldier's bag, cracked it open and put the cigar between his teeth, after he cut off the end with the blade of one of his Zorens. He lit it, using the smoldering body in front of him as a crude source of fire. Flux rifles had cut, burnt and eventually killed the Grineer. No matter. The cigar was still intact.


"I'd say, these monsters - we, monsters - are a necessary evil. If you want to maintain the innocence of others, you need to sacrifice your own. Me, personally, I just do a job here. I come, murder those on the wrong end of my guns, and I leave. Lotus told me to pick a side. Save Tenno, murder merchants and MOAs, sacrifice Tenno, murder Grineer. Picked to save them. War assets are more important than civilians. Without war assets, there will be not much to live for, anyway. Civilians can repopulate later. Probably not a bad idea in the first place, since this generation is already befouled by the war. Seen too much. Losing their innocence. I guess I am too far gone not to commit evil acts in the name of a future I won't fit in to."


He took a puff.


"The monster is necessary to ward the city from the other monsters."


The Rhino stood up, leaving the macabre scenery behind. It was time to extract.

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Why does this sound like the joker survived and now wears armor?


He cackled, still wrapped in the blue smoke of the cigar, as he walked through the Corpus ship. He could not see his HUD, with his faceplate in his left hand, but he knew the way. The Rhino had the bodies memorized. The Crewman, trying to seal the corridor, impaled on a cargo hook. Past the pile of MOAs, that burried a technician. The twitching, shattered Drones he had built a little pyramid out of. The crude writing on the floor:




That was blood. He remembered writing it, after the Rhino had smashed the Sniper with a brutal swing of his Zorens.


"That is quite the question there, Trazard. Quite. The question. When you go to war, really, any war, you need to be aware that you summon demons. Everytime. Maybe ... maybe I happen to be one of them. It's so hard to shield yourself from these events. Some people TAKE their THOUGHTS, and PUSH them into a box. Close the box. Seal the box. Hide the box. Forget the box. They have to, to stay sane. But sanity is just a thing, weighing you down. What you need is guts. Wits. Reflexes. Bravado. Courage. Sanity ... is not required. You shed it off, like an old skin."


Another puff, another cloud of heavy, thick smoke, as he passed the catwalks of the ships main cargohold. Some Grineer soldiers had attempted to erect a bridgehead here, and the burn marks of lasers and flux rifles told the tale of their defeat. The blood and corpses in a corner, then again, told the tale of the futility, the pointlessness of that small victory. There was no one left to celebrate the Corpus' counterattack.


"I ask myself no more. That box? I don't need it. There is nothing left to store in it, really. A clear thought of sanity is like an anathema to my work - my craft, if you will. I decided to put an end to this war, and I decided to ride these waves. It is , after all, better than drowning - don't you think? The leash on my collar has no one holding it. The Lotus sometimes talks to me, gives me targets. I appreciate that. Gives me something to do. Because ... let's face it. How would I fare in everyday life? Can you imagine, me, the monster, among your children? Among the civilians? No. I denounce sanity. War is chaos, and to be good at war, you need to be good at chaos. In chaos. become chaos."


He made his way down the elevator, after he had pulled a lifeless Engineer off the controls. Absentmindedly, he draw a smiley face onto the ground plate, as the elevator slowly descended.


"That is quite the question, Trazard. Quite ... the question."

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There was nothing left to do here. The ship was empty of resistance. The Grineer were removing the bodies, friend and foe. It was time to move on, leave the area behind, and move on to the next target. A few hops over the Corpus were staging a counterattack, trying to retake a mining asteroid the Grineer had wrestled from their hold earlier in the conflict. Mining ... resources. Longterm goals.


"More, Fat Viking? When is it going to be enough? Have you ever asked yourself, as your boots march over the bodies of the fallen, as your steps crush the skulls of the deceased, if there will ever ... be ... enough? And what will happen then, when we decided that it, in fact, is, enough? Do we just stop and lay down our arms? Do we cast the weapons we crafted so vigorousy, so intricate and brutal, so effective and efficient ... do we just cast them aside, like used up cartridges, fueling our hatred? We don't. It is never enough. As long as you have something that someone else wants, as long as something exists that cannot be shared for all, as long as there is inequality, this will go on."

The Rhino walked down towards the Liset shuttle, waiting for him. It was the final nod of acknowledgement to his mission, the site and his success. As he strapped himself in, stepping into the holds, grasping the handles, he continued.

"It is not up to me to make more. More comes as time reaches infinity. There is no end to any of this. The actors fade and reappear, their final curtain falls ... but NEVER the final curtain of war. There is no curtain. There is no grand finale. There is only ... well, yes. More. That what you seek is why we have it, why you seek it out, and it creates itself. There is no slight forgotten, no defeat not spurring another attack. Even genocide, even the utter destruction of an entire race - THE OROKIN! THE SENTIENCE! REMEMBER MARTIALIS! - will not stop war. Wars. We seperate the conflicts, because we could not handle the perception of a state of constant strife without losing our sanity."

The Liset hummed, sealed him in, then released the clamps.

"But war never ended. So why stay sane?"

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We are monsters replaced with superior monsters... the Infested... We will never become what they can at maximum capacity during the war which allowed them to not only win, but destroy their creators. Today they still stand and devour everything. In their wake lies more death. In our wake lies only a quarter of the damage, death, and horror they leave. Why be a monster when your second rate to a superior fiend? Can't be the best at what you want? be the best at what no one else is willing to become. A warrior of freedom.

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Why be a monster when your second rate to a superior fiend? Can't be the best at what you want, be the best at what no one else is willing to become. A warrior of freedom.


The Liset tore through space, ripped through the fabric - of the absence of it - of the void and propelled the Rhino forward, in intercept course to the Corpus Trawler. Aboard, he was cleaning his rifle, with the methodical concentration of a warrior that does these things by muscle memory. In front of him, on the floor, the Soma was in piece. The bolt lay on a rag coated in gun grease, the used magazines had been replaced by new ones, and a box of ammunition was waiting to be used to fill them. The housing got a once over already, scrubbed clean of the blood and gore that had sprayed all over it when it had been in use in the last mission.


"Why be a warrior of freedom when no one will ever taste the freedom a monster tastes? Would you want everyone to be a monster? No. Of course not. You have ideals. You think of sunshine, of a warm morning and a soft bed, with someone close to you. A breakfast before a good day's work. Having the opportunity to have children ... YOU DISGUSTING PIG. Enjoy your life. Find your someone. Indulge in all the little things that I SACRIFICED. Why? So you can life that pathetic life, that life of self-frugality, where freedom is a word with meaning, but hollow after you spoke it. I am free. I am free. I am free to do as I like. I do not follow oders, I ... act upon suggestions. Entertain thoughts. Yes. That is what I do."

He took a deep breath, chewing on the stump of the cigar. It was no longer lit, and the tiny passenger compartment was coated in the distinct smell of sweat, black powder, gun oil and smoke. The air filters had protested a while ago - but he had silenced them. One of his Zorens was struck deep into the panel, only tiny sparks erupting from it now, no more sounds. The Rhino put the rifle back together, with the same routine hand motions. The bolt went into the receiver, the spring was lined up, the assembly closed. He did a manual load, squeezed the trigger of the empty rifle. A crunchy click rewarded his thoroughness.


"The Infested are many. Mass, numbers, size, groups, DISEASE, none of that takes effort, craftsmanship, strength, investment. They just grow. They just are. And they die, like flies. This rifle here alone, one bellowing song alone, one fiery tribute to the gods of war themselves suffices to lay down dozens of them. You know why the Infested are not monsters? Not fiends? They are not evil. They seek no harm, they just ... grow. Exist. Do their thing. You don't condemn the dog for humping your leg. You don't condemn the duck for cleaning it's feathers. You don't hate the lion for shredding the gnu. They just do what they do, without any morality, purpose or agenda. They are not like us. They are not tainted by a loss of their innocence, bloodlust, hatred, rage, anger."


With repeated motions, he filled the magazines now, loading explosive rounds.


"I am."

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I may have been hasty with the term "They" it is a single entity free to do as it wishes. It too like you is free. It too is cunning, intelligent, powerful, picky... It consumes, assimilates... Many, become the great one... Lephantis is proof that IT is becoming one once more. IT is trying to assimilate its true form... Its tactics have allowed to take billions of lives across the solar system. It tactically chooses not to take out all life, but to preserve it slowly... then devour it... It watches you, just as you watch it in its many forms. You are prey for a Predator we cannot fathom... Its thinking process is beyond ours, its strategy is clear, and concise. It develops many forms from poison, disruption, explosions, darts, and even healing. If it was ignorant why did it create the disruptors? why can it take our power, stop our abilities? A hunter attacks our weaknesses... The true face of the Infested watches from a distance waiting, watching, evolving... It will throw swarms of itself at you till an opening is apparent and strike... You underestimate the most dangerous being in the system. Do not assume its a mindless plant growing.


Do not assume the fight for freedom is following orders. Its a fight that comes from the heart. A warrior who has lost his way is blind... A Blind warrior will not see the ultimate hunter when it comes... A warrior aware of its surrondings, aware of its feelings, its hopes, dreams, values, ideaology... is a warrior that will find a reason to stand up in the middle of battle... Find a reason to continue the fight... Find a reason to live! Live for those who die, Live for those sacrifice, Live for your allies, Live for those who need you, Live for your own ideals...


Every Tenno has ideals... Every Grineer has a goal, Every Corpus has a dream, The infested itself has a desire!

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