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Let me rebind the Screenshot key


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This is a simple request, it's been said many times before, I figure it's worth saying again:

Let me rebind my Screenshot key. It's currently hard-bound to F6 with no option to bind it to anything else. Well, I've had all my Function keys (F1 through F12) to the first 12 slots of my Gear Wheel, which appears to have unbound my screenshot key with no way of rebinding it. Every time DE make a "Post update XX.XX bugs here!" thread, they leave instructions on how to use in-game screenshots due to them containing telemetry and metadata, including using F6 to take screenshots. OK, but F6 pulls out my Tranq Rifle.

I don't understand why that one game function is still impossible to rebind.

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Also a simple request that was said many times, is being able to bind Walking on PC. Currently PC players are the only ones who can't walk on command, unless they are using a gamepad or a steering wheel.

As for Screenshot buttons, i definitely wouldn't mind being able to rebind it to some other button so i'm able to bind gear just like you, without worrying about unbinding the ingame screenshot function.

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