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Railjack boost sound

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Hello DE team,

Not sure whether it was mentioned already somewhere, if so feel free to remove topic.

I would like to ask whether it would be possible to change the sound while RJ is speed boosting and/OR add an option to Sounds to lower or disable the sound of boosting.

I was trying today both the mod for boost and also Vidar engines (I think Vidar have the highest boost multiplier) separately and also together. In both cases the sound is for me unbearable. Just after one mission I rather dropped them then go through that torture again. Maybe its only a problem for me however if it causes headache for others too I would like to see it (or rather hear ;) ) changed (right now its too high pitched).

Otherwise I like the changes though the missions are too long (from solo player view).



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Agreed, the boosting sound is fine for short boosts - the original intent. But now, it's kind of the default engine sound for longer journeys, it's almost "supercruise". It's not only a bit annoying, it also makes our Railjack feel tinny and rickety. That's fine for "boost"/redlining your engine but not extended sustainable operation.

Cruise speed should be a deep, powerful rumble: more like Elite Dangerous boost sounds for the big ships or the powerful but steady rumble of ships at warp in Star Trek.

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