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Im A Grineer Supporter, But Will Fight For Corpus This Once.


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face it, its eaxtreamly one sided at this point, no harm letting them have a node, forma is stupid common on void 3 (damn you boar prime reciver >:( )


oh yea if someone a grammer nazi or whatever, go eat a dictionary and face the fact not everyone speak english or have perfect spelling.

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I already ate dictionary. Stop making excuses you just want to justify getting that catalyst.

considering the big amount of weapons, i kinda need it anyway, im set with enough reactors to eactually put on frames and get rid of them.




Funny thing is, she could simply do it without telling anyone and none would be the wiser...


... So why expose yourself publicly for something most people won't care about? Sympathy?


i dont even care at this point, unless they going to pump more potatoes, corpus not gonna win.


also fixed.

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