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Pileup of Corpus Railjack bugs -- infinite Electrical glitch + uncompleteable objectives


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Just attempted to solo the Arc Silver mission in Veil Proxima. Early on I got hit with an electrical malfunction, I believe it was repaired by my AI crewmate or else the repairable object never appeared -- either way it was not visible to me anywhere in the ship, but my tactical screen remained offline and UI remained in the "glitchy" state for the rest of the mission. I killed two crewships (I believe this was the required number, glitchy UI was not readable) and did the two small "hacking dungeons" required to unlock the main mission but one of them remained accessible afterward -- it kept its yellow objective marker in the RJ map, but every time I entered it again it only showed the two green exit markers. Nothing changed in unreadable mission objectives UI and main Defense mission did not become available. Had to abort mission.


EDIT: I did save a copy of my log.ee and can provide it if it would be helpful.

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Posting to let know that the electrical malfunction glitch still regularly persists. Even when the mission is finished. The glitch only goes away once you exit the dojo.

This is what it looks like:




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