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More Issues Upgrading Founders Package


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I have the masters pack I was trying to upgrade to grand masters pack.

All went fine till the last part, paying, I have the funds in my steam wallet and I have no problems buying plat.

But for some reason I get a strange error and am returned to the home page of the Warframe site every time I try this

purchase I try to raise a ticket but I cant access the support page for some reason, it logs me out an then tells me I need to be logged in to access the page which it wont do unless I return to another page of the site rinse and repeat  


anyone got any ideas how to get this done cos times running out


Ta for any help

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That's strange... You can try to upgrade for me and see if it works. *nudge*


Anyways, all joking aside, I've seen people talking about these errors... I would think that they would have fixed it by now. If you can't access the support page, try messaging someone from DE.

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