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Gun Buff Suggestions

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Disclaimer: These are solely Suggestions and is entirely up to DE to use the suggested content or not.

Engravings (aka Forma 2.0)
For Primaries and Secondaries (maybe later melee) when forma'd you may choose to engrave the slot instead, Rank will per normal forma return to 0
However instead of the slot displaying the chosen Mod family at the top right a larger one is engraved into the mod slot.  Any mod sharing the slots family 
Doubles its effect like wise any mod in the slot not sharing the mod family will have its effect Halved.  

Notes: The idea is to give players a choice of balancing mod capacity and effect potential while boosting the potential all around for Guns. Also hopefully it was obvious by how the above was structured that you can't engrave and forma the same slot.

Weapon Class Intrinsics
Similar to Operator Classes we should get a skill tree for Primary Secondary and Melee  that Skill tree also would use Focus.
Skill Tree could be divided into:
Dual Melee

Notes: Each Class tree should have skills that focus on and taking that family of weapons to the next level skills should be less about doing more damage but about increasing the weapons viability and offsetting any negatives through dedication. Examples would be giving a chance to ignore Self Stagger on Explosives or having Bow damage apply to nearby targets for a percentile of the damage inflicted. Stuff that could easily be on a mod or exilus mod but shouldn't.

I would also highly recommend that the MR40 idea should be applied to all weapons not just kuva or Story missions or the necramechs.

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I'm not sure about the engravings, without some proper implementation I could see it being very unbalanced making guns too strong instead of leveling the playing field. The weapon intrinsics on the other hand I think could be a great idea if done well, and I'm always done for more character progression and personalization.

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