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Corpus Proxima & The New Railjack: Hotfix 29.10.8

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9 minutes ago, Voltage said:

Thank you for the hotfix.

Please allow players to force host in Railjack (although matchmaking in the entire game needs this as well). It is very frustrating that you cannot force yourself as the host in matchmaking for a mode where the ship is customized (with Platinum and money) by whoever is host unlike the rest of the game where clients can bring their entire loadout to their liking.

This.  A million times, this...

To add insult to injury, it is a change from the way it previously functioned prior to the patch.  I know it's Railjack 3.0 and everything changed, but why this specific change, when you had it previously operating the way players preferred and had gotten used to operating?  I would love to have this function in the rest of the game, but it's not nearly as important as having it in the Railjack missions.

If you are married to the idea of not allowing us to play the way we want, could you at least consider the idea of moving all current Railjack components onto the Plexus and allowing us to make ANY ship we load onto have more Hull, Armor, Speed, etc.?  This system should also allow us to bring our chosen armaments into the mission, instead of being stuck with the host's.  It would move the Railjack gameplay more in line with the rest of the game, and allow players to bring more personal power onto ANY ship/mission they load into, which were both stated goal of this Railjack 3.0 patch.

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hace 1 hora, [DE]Megan dijo:

You can now buy Market Bundles containing single-purchase items so long as you don't already own every single-purchase item within the Bundle.

We are making some progress... I think

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Oh, another Taxi Service hotfix, how nice. All the new Corpus RJ-tiles could be done just the same without Railjack.

And how long before you fix players spawning in Railjack instead of dojo? Before or after Railjack 10.0?

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17 minutes ago, K0stak said:

I was starting MR test when you kicked me out and now I have to wait 24 hours??? 

bummer. it'll probably take longer to respond

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7 minutes ago, Flagellum.Dei said:

i have "feverspine" max lvl but i can not see it in my mr table equipment list...

We fixed a bug where modular items were submitting data to the profile under the wrong category.  New missions from now on should cause the profile to update your modular item's correct entry as expected. We're currently investigating the possibility of correcting previously-submitted data. If successful, players will not need to do anything for their profile to get updated.

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18 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

HUD custom colors now apply to Railjack/Archwing reticles and Railjack enemies!

YES! Thank you. This was by far the best thing you added previously to change reticle colors. No more having tape in the center of my monitor. Thanks for finally adding it to Railjack.


18 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

Fixed crashes that could occur in script code involving a certain pattern.

Does this include Orb Vallis crashing when blinking with archwing or opening chat? I've crashed 1-2 times a night (with no crash report launcher) ever since update 29.10


Any chance to revert the "streamline" matchmaking mistake for Railjack? Would like to play that content with other people but since there's the possibility to host, I will never select Railjack other than being on solo. At least give this option back to Railjack until Steve realizes an option to host or not host is a good thing for all missions.

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28 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

More updates to the Chat Emoji faces & Recruiting Emoji!

BLESS. The updated emojis are still a bit generic IMO and could use a bit more unique "style", but they're no longer creepy/horrifying to look at, which is a huge plus!

For those curious, here were some of 29.10.5's emojis:


And here are the same faces with 29.10.8's emojis:



Thank you DE!

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hace 27 minutos, [DE]Megan dijo:

Fixed Pet Companions being overly fixated on finishing combat before they are capable of switching to follow/teleport behaviors. 


i didnt like to see my dog die that much

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Thanks for the update! ūüĎƬ†Here‚Äôs some¬†feedback:

- Please for the love of god bring back force hosting. It is a pain greater than death watching the loading screen for 2 minutes before an eventual squad join failure pops up.

- Please bring in corpus railjack skirmishes. I love having missions where it’s just my railjack vs an enemy armada. Allows me to properly test my railjack functionality at its best, whilst being a quick and fun alternative to the more complex mission types. Have at least one railjack skirmish mission type per proxima region. With this said...

- Please differentiate grinner railjack tileset labels. All of them say skirmish, but a lot of them have secondary mission tasks that make it hard to know exactly what me and my railjack are signing up for.

- Don’t allow pilot crew members to move the ship when forward artillery is in use.  Are you trying to destroy this crewship without boarding it? Hahahaha railjack engines go brrrrrr. 

No further comments for now, but thanks a lot DE! really think this update was 5 steps in the right direction.



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can you fix the new railjack turrets not showing up in the zekti tab?

can you add a contracts tab some where on tickers ui, so i can see the crew i have to compare?

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Interface scramble remains for the rest of the mission after electrical hazard has been repaired and even when you return to Dojo. 

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