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Banshee Sound Quake/wall(?) Immobilization Bug


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Issue: Using Banshee's Sound Quake immobilizes you, seems to be related to using walls as cover.

Twice today in one mission, the animation would not end, effectively locking me in place. The first time I was up against a wall, using it as cover as I used Sound Quake to hit enemies on the other side, and was locked in place. I managed to die to a Grineer Napalm, and was revived by teammates, after which I was unable to melee or use any powers, receiving the "Power in use" message. I died later on in the missions and told teammates not to revive, instead used one of my own revives, which cleared the condition.

I was able to continue using Sound Quake until again, I was using a wall as cover when I got locked in to the animation. Unfortunately, by that time there were no more enemies left in the mission, so teammates left me behind. The frozen position remained through the extraction sequence:




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