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Puncture On Sentinel Ai ( In My Eyes)


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Sentinels like Deth cube Will shoot things when they see them. However this most of the time means things like shred are pointless, expect vs lancers. So should Deth Cubes and Wyrms with shred shoot through objects if they see part of the ennmy or none at all? and im quite curious on how the Sight works and how much the sentinel needs to see. But should sentinels with shred shoot through objects if they see none of an ennmy. Or do you think a percent should be seen before a sentinel shoots and how much of an ennmy should be seen for it to shoot at it. ( Metal aurgur to) 

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reserving spot? pointless.

When you post something for the first time... its shown on rightside of main page of forums...

When you edit post, its not shown there.


Better to post finished idea, since first impact of players may give it enough vievs/repolys to make it hot topic.


if you reserve spot, it goes down in order on the list, so before you finish posting here, it may be burried down below 20 other threads.

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