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Sentinel Depth


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(The main idea for this is that we need more sentinels for spific purpouses, and the rest of this is talking about ideas for spifics).  

We have only scratched the surface of what we can do with sentinel's depth. So far you can only choose between cloaking, vaporizing, rag-dolling crowd controll, And item pick up. We could add so many more abiltiles and cool things like a sentinel that has no weapon but can be used as a scout that could be controlled by the player with arrow keys and could see by toggling your screen between your Sentinel or your self or just acts as a radar.  Hell you could even have a parkour sentinel that puts you in a bubble when you run out of stamina. You could even add diffrent teirs to abilties to choose from meaning diffrent mods. For exmaple the bubble could have 3 diffrent mods for it and you can only use one at a time like Restore stamina faster while in bubble. or gain armor while in the bubble so you take less damage. or you could even do a health boost gain that only lasts as long as the bubble.

     You could even make a parkour Sentinel that you can command to go either Arrow key controll or as a meter skill that takes no engery. Hell you could even have him move to your waypoint as an option you could even use these 3 as diffrent mods for it. and have it as sort of a mobile jump platform or standing platform. Or you could have it be sort of a grapple location that you can grapple to back and forth to jump across ledges that normally wouldnt be possible.

     You can also add new depth to the sentinels allready out like a ghost that activaites when you want it to but costantly takes engery. or a ghost that effects your temates instead of you. ( This could need some work because of abuse of someone looking at a mob and stealthing temates) So it should be a toggleable effect of when you look at ennmies that you turn off and on that drains engery when you look at them.

      you could also have a sentinel that works like engery siphon, but while equipied you cant use engery siphon and dosn't stack with its self. you could even have a sentinel that increses rare resource drop chances like gallium on some levels. You could even have a sentinel that uses its own body as a weapon either smashing into the ground or thrown like a glaive. That does physics impact damage. Hell you could even have a sentinel that changes graivty when there is nothing below you.  Or even a sentinel that can grab your glaive as it comes back and fire it, with effects like fired up as a benfit. (im not sure if your warframe mods would also effect it or if it would be balanced but i think it would be cool).

 In conclusion, There is so much we can do with this. [As always if you see a mistake of spelling or anything point it out in the comments, and please feel free to input your ideas or argure with mine. So we can come up with some awsome ideas we normally couldn't]. 

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